‘Zola’ cast discuss sexual positivity, ingredients for perfect ‘Ho Trip’



“Do you all wanna hear a story about why me and this bitch here fell in?” It’s a bit long but full of suspense, ”and with those words perhaps began the most epic thotyssey of our time.

In 148 tweets, A’Ziah “Zola” King has become an icon, detailing (what the film describes as) a “stormy journey” from Detroit to Tampa. Black Twitter was completely mesmerized, calling this big excursion a thotyssey.

What is a thotyssey, you say? Zola co-writer Jeremy O. Harris explains.

“If you want to have a thotyssey, you’ll need a dynamic villain. You also have to have something attractive to get home, ”Harris said. The root. “But there’s a bad guy that’s keeping you from going back. This is the structure of Homer The odyssey, and if it’s gotta be a thotyssey, that’s gonna be it but set to Migos.

From director Janicza Bravo comes, Zola, a feature film about two women who go on a “ho trip” to earn some money in Florida. The film stars Taylour Paige (as Zola); and the cast includes Riley Keough (as Stefani) and Colman Domingo (as a pimp named X), among others.

It is absolutely useful to note that Zola is directed by a black woman, directed by a black woman and told from the point of view of a black woman. We see you.

With that, The root request ZolaIt’s throwing out what message the film sends to audiences about black femininity and sexual positivity.

“I’m so used to being in a body that has to ask permission to be in space. I’m so used to being in a body that offends or makes others feel uncomfortable, ”director Janicza Bravo said. “I hope other young women … [Zola] and see it as a version of themselves and feel empowered to tell their own stories ”

See our conversation with the cast of Zola in the video above.

Zola is in theaters Wednesday, June 30.


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