Youthful and restless glimpse; Nick accidentally punches and kills Ashland

Is this how Victoria and Ashland end?

In a Young and restless Previewing the week of July 25-29, Ashland may have just met its creator. Read what’s going on and watch the preview below.

Last week, Adam warned Victoria that Ashland had crossed the line, after personally witnessing how he ransacked his suite after his release from prison. Victoria wondered if he was going to seek revenge on her, but Adam felt that Ashland was way beyond that and wanted blood!

Victoria was then spooked when she found Ashland hiding outside her house. She finally agreed to let him talk, assuming he would leave her alone for good afterwards. Oh, how wrong she was! Luckily, Nick had arrived at her front door and was desperately trying to get her to answer.

In a previous Young and restless preview, Victoria tried to convince Ashland that her ringing phone was her security detail, and if she didn’t check in, they’d be there momentarily. A menacing Ashland felt it was time to get it over with and be quick.

In this extended teaser, a crazed Ashland tells Victoria, “There’s only one way for this to end!” Victoria yells at him, “No one will ever be able to love you!” He grabs her and tells her not to say that, and she responds by pushing him away from her as Nick bursts in.

Victoria shouts: “You caught me!” Nick gets physical with Ashland and yells, “You get your hands on her!” He punches Ashland, who falls backwards and bangs her head against the fireplace utensil rack and the brick ledge. As the blood flows, Nick shouts, “Ashland!” and we hear Victoria gasp, “Oh my god.”

Is that really how it ends for Ashland? And if he’s dead, will the police believe it was an accident?

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Video: Young and restless/Youtube

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