Young & Restless’s Michelle Stafford reunites with Michael Graziadei, Bully warns


The Genoa City star is recovering with her “firstborn”.

Young and restless star Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) was positively gush when she recently had the opportunity to reunite with Michael Graziadei, who played the on-screen son of his character, Daniel, from 2004 to 2013. The actor briefly returned to the web in 2016 when Gina Tognoni played the role of Phyllis.

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Many viewers, and we number ourselves in that number, would be love see Daniel make his comeback on Young and restless, and it seems that The Stafford would not object. Sharing a photo of their reunion, an occasion that marked the imminent arrival of the Graziadei twins, the star was enthused, “My baby Grazzzz! My first born !! My baby … is having a baby … of them babies to be exact. He and his beautiful girlfriend Lauren have twins. I love you Graz! ”As a mother of two herself, she also advised,“ Get ready for the circus. Your beautiful and beautiful circus, ”with the hashtag,“ It’s the end of the world as you know it. ” Hilarious! And true.

Graziadei, the other half of the duo, known for their incredible onscreen chemistry, was also thrilled to be back with some of her “Hollywood family” and shared the same photo, along with the caption, ” Was so grateful to have my Hollywood family members present to celebrate the imminent arrival of these little monsters. I am eternally grateful to all of you. Looks like they showered future parents with love and support !

In an unrelated article, Stafford, who has just emerged from a storyline in which his onscreen daughter, Summer, was intimidated into leaving town by fictional characters Tara and Sally, seemed very sadly to face some sort of of a bullying situation involving his real-life daughter, Natalia.

The mama bear noted the ironic moment by issuing a warning: “It’s really interesting how art imitates life sometimes… I’m just going to say this… once… You come for my daughter, you come for me. You better be right… because I’m a badass. Hoping that the culprit heeds the words of the star, especially since there is a child involved.

Don’t miss a look back at Phyllis’ love affair with Nick in the gallery below before you go.

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