Young & Restless’s Michael Mealor sends message that will make fans smile


Also, the photo is too cute not to be shared.

The young and the restless‘Summer and Kyle may have had their happy ending, but fans of the supercouple are more than a little dissatisfied nonetheless. For starters, this happy ending takes place offscreen. On top of that, the whole breakup and reunion was rushed and absurd. (“Communicate!” We shouted in unison. “As real people in love would!”)

But on August 21, Michael Mealor, who in 2018 became the fourth actor to play Kyle as an adult, shared a post that was guaranteed to cheer fans up. The image: himself, shirtless, as anyone with that body would be, relaxing with his dog Mishka, aka Big Guy, aka Little Bear. The message: “Don’t forget to smile.

Mealor could have told his furry friend, of course. But it might as well be a shout out to her discouraged fans and those of the great lady Hunter King. You will recall when announcing that he was leaving the soap opera after three and a half years, he thanked his admirers by saying that “I would not have been here this long without the love and support that you all have for me. testified thumb of this ride!

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“From the national television appearance in my” birthday suit “to excavating graves for DNA fragments, every engagement and every heartache, whether you are [in favor of Kyle and Lola or Kyle and Summer], you were all there for the roller coaster.

After taking a look at this pic again, maybe doing your best to resist the urge to smile, check out the photo gallery below, which will update you on everything The young and the restless‘latest releases.

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