Young & Restless’s Melissa Ordway / Conner Floyd: Why They’re a Great Combo As Abby / Chance – Video

Who knew? It turns out that writing and acting are just part of what makes the on-screen supercouple super together.

From the moment Conner Floyd performed his first scene on The young and the restless facing Melissa Ordway, we knew he was going to perform really well as Chance to her Abby. The new castmates just had “that,” that intangible something that gets you buying whatever they sell onscreen.

Since then we’ve attributed this to the fact that both are pros – hooking up with a prominent male / female is normal for them, just another day in the office. But on December 15th, as the CBS soap opera continued to roll out its Countdown to Christmas videos, we learned that there might be, correct maybe, another one reason they clicked so well.

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The question put to the Chancellors’ interpreters was loaded: what did each of them prefer, the festive pajamas or the sweaters? Ordway answered without hesitating for a moment. “Vacation pajamas all the way,” she exclaimed. “A vacation combination can never go wrong. “

Amen to this. Floyd agreed to disagree. “I want ugly sweaters,” he admitted with a laugh, “as ugly as they are.”

Mind you, it wasn’t as shocking as what Sharon Case (Sharon) learned her honey on the screen, but still. Truly, Conner?

For her part, Ordway was not at all fazed. “That’s why,” she deduced, “we’re the perfect combo, right? “

While you’re here, retrace the steps Abby and Chance took from ‘hello’ to ‘love you’ to ‘wait, you are dead? ”to“ Ha, no I’m not! ”in the photo gallery below.

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