Young & Restless: Summer suggests Lauren make Sally president of JCV



At Abbott Rectory, Jack learns that Kyle can’t change Summer’s mind – she is moving to Italy right away. “How can I just let her go?” Kyle fumed that he couldn’t understand this; why would Summer throw away everything they’ve got. He must try to talk to her one last time.

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In the sequel, Summer packs her bags and Nick tries to coax Phyllis into going with them. Phyllis is surprised to learn that her daughter wants to take her winter clothes. Summer reminds them that this is not a trial and asks them not to pretend to support while hoping to change her mind. She reminds them that great things are seldom easy. Nick goes to the storage unit and Phyllis follows him. Once alone, Summer fights back tears as she wraps up a photo of herself and Kyle, and flashes Tara threatening her to make sure Kyle won’t see Harrison again if she doesn’t accept the job.

At Newman Media, Victor and Nikki talk about Summer going to Milan and remember Victoria leaving. Nikki wonders why it was so abrupt, but Victor thinks that finding out that your fiancé has a three-year-old with an ex-lover would scare anyone away. Nikki just hopes she’s going for the right reasons.
Nikki concerned Y&R

Kyle arrives at the hotel suite where Phyllis tells him Summer has gone to say goodbye to him. Kyle wants help convincing her to stay and wonders where she got the idea that he was interested in Tara – was it Nick? Phyllis denies it and tells Kyle that he’s put her daughter in a dead end with this ready-made family. She doesn’t blame him and doesn’t think Summer is, either, but he has to accept that there is nothing left to fight for. Kyle notices Summer has wrapped up a framed photo of them and rushes outside.
Kyle, Phyllis Y&R suite

At Crimson Lights, Summer tells Mariah and Faith about her plans. Mariah lets the sisters speak. Faith is amazed to learn that Kyle is not going with her and that there will be no marriage. Summer explains that it’s complicated; she tries to defend herself just like Faith did.
Goodbye summer Faith Y&R

Faith’s car arrives and she leaves after telling Summer that she loves her. Mariah reappears and tells Summer that it’s a real job that destroys Kyle’s heart like this. Summer doesn’t expect her to understand, but Mariah chuckles that she understands completely. She reveals that she was actually shooting for them this time, but it turns out that she is still selfish. Summer wishes her the best of luck with the pregnancy. Mariah says “Goodbye, Snowflake” and shakes her head as Summer exits.
Mariah, goodbye Snowflake Y&R

Kyle arrives at the cafe where Mariah says “Good riddance” about Summer. Kyle warns her to stop with the nasty comments. Mariah apologizes but talks about her bail without even trying to make things work. Kyle decides he has to convince her that they can make this work and take off.

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At Society, Lauren asks Sally if she is aware that Summer is leaving JCV to take the job at Marchetti. Sally has heard rumors. Lauren thinks she’s more hip than that. Summer appears and Sally congratulates her on her new gig – as jealous as she is, she is happy for herself. Summer wanted to see Lauren before she left. Lauren is shocked but happy for herself too. Sally lets them chat after wishing Summer all the best in Italy, and goes to text Tara near the door. She says Summer is going to fuck her on the way out… at least one of them will get what he wants.
Lauren, Summer, Sally Y&R

Back at the table, Lauren marvels: “That’s quite the suggestion.” Summer appreciates how gracious she is and will always be grateful for bringing her to JCV. Lauren loved working with her.
Lauren, Summer, shocking Y&R movement

As Summer goes out, she meets Billy, who is shocked to learn of the end of the marriage and she leaves for Italy tonight. He assumes that his child and his ex had something to do with his decision. Summer asks Billy to be there for Kyle when he needs a friend. Billy doesn’t think Kyle wants anything to do with him, but he’ll try to help him in any way he can. He says he shoots for her and she goes.
Billy, Y&R summer request

Later, Lauren and Sally reunite again. Lauren knows Sally wanted the job in Italy and gives her a pep talk about her self-confidence; she and Summer are both talented and experienced. Sally would love to have a chance to prove herself and feels ready to step into Summer’s shoes. She is stunned when Lauren tells her that Summer suggested that Sally replace her as president of JCV. It will give him the opportunity to prove himself. Sally is stunned.
Sally Stunned Y&R

At the door, Billy tells Kyle he missed Summer. Kyle wonders if it’s time to give up. Billy would bet on the chance that he has a chance until this plane takes off – if he doesn’t try, he will live with regret.

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At Chancellor Park, Jack is surprised to meet Summer and tells her the position is a great opportunity. He informs her that Kyle is looking for her and wants her to stay. Summer replies that Kyle has to let her go; it’s the best thing for everyone. She yells, “Please, Jack. Please help him see it. Jack remembers the toll it took everyone when he found out he was Kyle’s father. Summer knows they share the same deep commitment to family. She sees how much Kyle enjoys being a dad, but she isn’t ready for these things just yet. They remember how Jack thought she was his daughter and he swears to do what he can to help his son. “Wherever you are, whatever time of day or night. Anything you need you can call on me.
Summer, Jack Park goodbye Y&R

At Newman Media, Victoria is on hand to say goodbye to Summer, who thanks her for helping her settle in Italy. Nikki hopes this is something she really wants. Summer is excited for the challenge but is a little nervous. Victor assures her that she is ready. They all express their love. Victoria and Nikki know that she will fight in the great tradition of Newman women. Victor and Nikki will see her when they go to Florence. Nikki hopes she will come home often too.
Victoria, Nikki goodbye Summer Y&R

In the park, Kyle learns over the phone that Summer’s plane hasn’t left yet, jumps a hedge and runs away.

Summer joins Phyllis in her suite and says, “Well, I guess that’s it.” Phyllis replies that it’s not a goodbye and that she will be visiting her daughter in Milan. “Maybe I can build a Big Phoenix over there.” She starts to cry: “The world is yours. It’s all up to you. My pretty girl. “Phyllis continues that Summer is not going to take anything from anyone because she is her daughter. Summer is going to restart her life in Milan and tells Phyllis that she is her hero and inspires her every day. They cry. both as Summer hopes she’s half as brave as she needs them. Phyllis is amazed that Angelina Marchetti doesn’t know what hit her. They are going to miss each other like crazy and kissing while crying, Phyllis reiterates that it’s not goodbye.
Phyllis, goodbye summer Y&R

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At Abbott Mansion, Tara tells Jack that she’s meeting Lauren today about her shoe line. She was hoping to see Kyle before, but Jack tells her he’s busy looking for Summer to try to talk her out of going to Italy. Tara feels bad and hopes that Kyle won’t blame her, neither her nor Harrison. Jack reassures her: it’s Summer’s decision. He adds that once she’s gone, Kyle will find a lot of comfort with his son. Tara smiles. Afterwards, Billy introduces himself and reveals to Jack that he advised Kyle to go after Summer. Jack is appalled, but Billy maintains they can make it work. Jack told his son that some things aren’t meant to be – love doesn’t win everything and sometimes things don’t go as planned.

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In the hotel lobby, Nick sees Kyle and implores him, “Don’t do that.” Summer tells Kyle he’s not going to change his mind, it’s made up.

At Society, Tara joins Sally and Lauren, who announce that Sally is the interim president of JCV. Lauren walks away and Sally confides that Summer recommended that she replace her – she almost fell off her chair. Tara thinks it looks like they both get what they want. Sally won’t relax until Summer gets on the plane.

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Back in the Greater Phoenix, Kyle calls on Summer – in time, she’ll come to love Harrison; their future is so bright. Summer screams that there is no future for them, he has nothing more to fight for. He lets go: “For you”. Summer assures him that he will have a wonderful life. He will move away from her and she will move away from him. She kisses him deeply and they shake hands. She walks away and leaves. Kyle looks down and sees her engagement ring in the palm of his hand.
Kyle, farewell kiss to summer Y&R

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Outside, Summer holds back tears, pulls herself together and continues on her way.

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