Young & Restless: Sally threatens to show Nick a pic of Phyllis and Jack


At the hotel, Phyllis thanks Jack for taking her out of her funk. He’s always there for her. Jack heads to the gym so she gives him a kiss on the cheek as Sally and Chloe walk into the lobby and see. Chloe watches Sally’s reaction and forces her to admit that she’s upset. Chloe wonders if she still hopes that she and Jack get back together. Sally realizes that this will never happen, but she is upset that she is still an outcast in this town, while Phyllis, who has hurt Jack more than she ever has, still hurts him. She doesn’t understand that he’s giving her a free pass. Chloe explains that forgiveness is earned. Sally doubts Phyllis deserved it and wishes she could expose it for the false total that she is. Phyllis appears behind her and asks her, “Do your best. “

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Chloe tries to convince the ladies to compose it, to no avail. Phyllis will not be insulted in her hotel and informs Sally that she is not a fake or a fake, she is the real deal and admits her mistakes. Sally laughs at her and wonders how comfortable Nick really is with his “friendship” with Jack. Phyllis growls that her personal life is nobody’s business, let alone Sally’s. Sally thinks she struck a chord and thinks Nick might be interested in the little scene she witnessed in Tuscany. Phyllis suggests that Chloe get Sally out of there, so she does. Jack reappears and asks what happened. Phyllis moaned as she let Sally get under her skin. She asks if they’ve ever been in a situation in Italy that, to someone else, might seem unfortunate. Jack remembers that they were sitting late in his room talking. Sally said something that made him think, that’s all… Jack warns Phyllis not to let Sally get to him.

At the penthouse, Amanda thanks Michael for keeping her away from the courthouse reporters. They acclaim her by giving her everything she had on the stand. Amanda receives a call from Devon, who is at the Chancellor’s mansion, and he apologizes for not having tried. Amanda understands and will update him on the hearing when he gets home.

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At the Chancellor Estate, Devon opens the door for Nick. He tells her that everyone is upstairs trying to sleep and that they are reviewing the news that Chance and Abby were in a really dark place earlier. They dissuaded her from going to Spain, but reality sets in and they will have to help her through this ordeal. Nick says they’re going to make sure she gets everything she needs. Abby walks down the stairs and hugs Nick. Devon takes off. Abby tells Nick she said it all, so he just assures her he’s there. She says there is something he can do: distract her. She asks about weddings in Italy, so Nick tells her that Summer forgot her bouquet and had to go back and get it, which was cute. Victoria’s wedding was a five-star Newman event. Nick sighs and suggests they get out of there and take Dominic for a walk.

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At the penthouse, Amanda asks Michael if he thinks his grandfather is about to be sentenced after today. Michael was satisfied with his testimony. Amanda had to work hard to maintain a facade of control. They flash her at the stand, testifying that she has reason to believe Sutton had her father killed and explaining why her grandfather viewed him as a threat to his political career. Amanda says it was cathartic. Michael appreciates the way she cut off Sutton’s lawyer legs. They share a laugh before winking at Amanda testifying to Sutton’s visit just before the trial. Amanda hopes her father would lower his eyes and watch. Michael assures him that she made him proud.
Amanda, Michael Y&R

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Devon joins Amanda at the penthouse and asks to know everything about the trial. She says Michael thinks her testimony was a success, although it was more emotionally draining than she expected. She describes how Sutton Ames got her grandchildren given away because they were embarrassing and killed their father so the secret wouldn’t come out. He later asked his daughter to take the fall for him – he will do whatever it takes to protect himself, damn everyone. Amanda tells Devon that she will not set foot in the courtroom again until the verdict has been read. Imani feels the same and Naya has stayed away.
Amanda testifies to the Y&R flashback

The conversation turns to Abby and Devon tells her that she’s not good and that he thinks things are going to get worse. Amanda thinks Abby is lucky to have him and other people watching over her. Devon sees a lot of red flags in her demeanor and doesn’t know how long it will take her to get out of it. He admits, “I don’t think the Chancellor’s estate is the best place for Dominic right now.” Amanda thinks it would be a difficult conversation to bring up the subject to get him out of the house. “How can I help?” Devon tells him that she is helping him just by being there to support him. They kiss and kiss. After going upstairs to make love, they revisit his idea of ​​taking Dominic. Amanda doesn’t think that’s for her to say. He asked him. Amanda thinks this is awkward and suggests that he keep listening to Abby, but at the end of the day Dominic needs someone to stand up for him. Devon tells Amanda he loves her, they kiss and he leaves. Once alone, Amanda receives a text from Phyllis, who needs a friend.
Amanda, Devon Y&R

At the park, Nick barks until Abby announces that Chance proposed to him there. He suggests they go somewhere else, but she wants to be close to the memories. She remembers Chance kneeling down and vowing to love her forever. Dominic cries, but Abby doesn’t take care of him. Nick takes the baby and assures him that everything will be fine.
Abby Y&R Park

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Chloe and Sally walk into Crimson Lights, where Michael says curtly: “Sally”. Sally walks away and Chloe and Michael discuss dinner later. Chloe joins Sally, who can’t believe Lauren invited her to dinner while she is still frozen. She never receives forgiveness. Chloe felt sorry for herself and told her to rest. She reminds Sally that she and Lauren are family, which makes him different. She has been where Sally is now and has gone out of her way to cause trouble and made the decision to quit. “This is the key.” Sally insists she has to, but Chloe goes on and tells her to remember what she has to lose if she doesn’t stop playing games and stop blaming others for situations. she got herself into.
Chloe warns Sally Y&R

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At Society, Jack winks at Phyllis holding her arm and resting her head on her shoulder in Italy, and telling her that he still loves her at Abbott Mansion. He remembers Phyllis saying that she loved him at the hotel too. He plans to call her, but thinks the best.

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At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis thanks Amanda for coming and asks her for her testimony. Phyllis admits that she worries that her friendship with Jack has kept her from opening up to Nick. She shares that Nick has made accusations about them. He was right that there was more going on, but not the way Amanda thought. There was a barrier between her and Nick, so she continued to turn to Jack. Amanda thinks it’s easier to open up to a friend than to a lover. She asks about the dynamic between the three. Phyllis explains that she was with Jack and cheated on him with Nick. “It was a long time ago.” She got pregnant with Summer and didn’t know if she was Jack’s or Nick’s. Amanda doesn’t know the missing details, but she believes Phyllis has a deep connection to Jack. “Have you considered the possibility of Jack being more than a friend to you?” Maybe you never fully recovered from it.
Phyllis, Amanda chat with Y&R

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Devon arrives at Chancellor Mansion as Abby and Nick return from the park. When Abby takes Dominic to change him, Nick tells Devon that he understands why he’s worried – he is too. When she worried about thinking about Chance at the park, she didn’t even hear Dominic cry!

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