Young & Restless recap: Victoria and Billy tell that Johnny Chelsea is her mother

At Newman Enterprises, Nick asks Victoria if she is still considering acquiring Chancellor-Winters. She is and says their father is on board. Victoria admits to Nick that she is distracted and says she might have to wear herself out for a little while. He asks her if she wants to talk about it. Victoria has a personal matter to settle with one of the children and it can’t go wrong. Nick learns that she and Billy are going to tell Johnny that Chelsea is his biological mother. He expires. “Wow, that’s huge.” He remembers when Adam wanted to tell Christian that he was his biological father. This is something he will have to deal with in the future. He assures his sister that his son adores him. Victoria knows this and will always want the best for him, but she prays she made the right choice.

Chelsea spots Billy alone on the café terrace and thanks him again for agreeing to tell Johnny the truth and helping him convince Victoria. Billy doesn’t convince Victoria to do anything but says she sees all sides of the situation. He reveals that they plan to tell the boy today. Chelsea is thrilled to think that he will soon find out who she really is. Billy explains that they saw no reason to wait once the decision was made, but reminds him that he doesn’t know how he will react. Johnny is attached to his family and loves his routine – it will be a titanic change. Chelsea believe this will be a positive step for both of them. Billy hopes she’s right.
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At Society, Audra thanks Nate for meeting her this morning, she wanted to continue their conversation from the night before. Nate asks what she would like to know before entering the company. Audra says it won’t matter if they’re not made public – has an official decision been made? Nate didn’t hear, which is encouraging. Audra asks him to give her the behind-the-scenes dynamic of Chancellor-Winters – she wants to know every player in the game.
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At Chancellor-Winters, Devon and Lily make a call with Jill and tell her they are ready to take the company public. Jill declares that they made the right decision and the company will be unstoppable. She asks them to meet Audra Charles and Lily assures her that it’s already set up. They reiterate that they will retain control of 51% of the shares. Jill asks about Billy and Nate and expresses concern. Devon assures her that the issue with Nate has been resolved and Lily tells him that Billy is on a personal matter and will let her know later. After logging off, Devon asks Lily what’s going on with Billy.
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At Crimson Lights, Sally and Chloe are working when Adam appears. Chloe suggests they go back to the office. Adam approaches and greets them. Chloe is spooked when Adam and Sally exchange polite banter. She wonders if anyone is ready to explode. Sally is gone, but they have to coexist in this town. Adam announces that he is moving on with no hard feelings as well. He goes out. Chloe is proud of Sally, who confesses that he is still on her mind but less and less each day. Just then, she receives a text from Nick asking her to drop by.
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At Society, Nate tells Audra that Jill is a force to be reckoned with, but is less active now and has chosen Lily as CEO, who is only getting stronger by the day. He explains that Billy is his COO and significant other and is usually content to let the others take center stage. She asks about Devon. Nate says he brought Hamilton-Winters to the party and he’s nothing but a determined spirit. He asks how she got into the business. Audra will talk about it after the meeting.

At Newman Media, Sally tells Chloe she needs to go upstairs for a brief meeting with Nick. Chloe offers to join her, but Sally thinks he wants a one-on-one. Chloe gives a speech about focus on work. Just then, Nick shows up.

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In the park, Billy and Victoria watch Johnny play football and think there’s no good time for it. He assures her that the boy will never outgrow his love. Victoria wants another minute before she tells him. Billy has regrets but Johnny who comes into their life is not one of them. Victoria becomes emotional as they remember him as a baby. Billy can’t believe he’s so grown up. He credits Victoria for creating a stable home despite everything that has happened – she will always be his mother, forever. Victoria is ready so Billy calls Johnny. They ask him to sit down so they can talk.

At Newman Media, Chloe gives Nick and Sally privacy to talk and hang out. Nick approaches Sally and asks if his COO knows them. She didn’t say a word to anyone. It either. Nick invites her to dinner and she offers to check her schedule and get back to him. Nick smiled, “Let me know.” He blocks her way with a smirk and she ends up leaving the office. Nick exhales.

At Chancellor-Winters, Lily insists to Devon that Billy is dedicated to his job. He wonders if she is trying to convince herself or convince him. She admits he tries a little too hard to make this position work. He wants to love her but you can’t force something that isn’t there. Nate and Audra enter and Nate introduces them to the IPO miracle worker. Devona and Lily learn that they had “previous” conversations.

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At Newman’s, Chelsea tells Nick she’s looking for Victoria and he says she’s not in the office right now. She told him what’s going on with Johnny. Chelsea tries to contain her anticipation; this is annoying. She says, “This is great news. Something that could impact a child forever.

In the park, Billy reminds Johnny that Victoria cannot have children after Reed. Has he ever thought of his biological mother? Johnny says no. They tell him that he has every right to know and that he is at an age where they think it might be a good time. Billy tells him that his biological mother lives in Genoa City. Victoria adds: “You know her. Chelsea. Connor’s mother. Johnny winces. “I just saw her at the pool the other day. Are you all planning on telling me behind my back?” He points out that he said “no” when they asked him if he was thinking about his biological mother, and they told him anyway. “What is really going on here? The child exclaims: “Is anything going to change?!” Billy and Victoria thought that it was about time and didn’t want him to hear it from anyone else. Johnny scolds, “Great. So everyone knows my birth mom lives in town? He says he doesn’t want to anymore never talk about it and runs away.
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At Chancellor-Winters, Audra tells Devon that Nate sang her praises. Lily hadn’t realized that she and Nate knew each other. Audra explains that they met by chance. Lily announces that they have decided to go public. Audra and Nate are thrilled. Audra explains that she will do an IPO readiness assessment and help file the paperwork. Devon is happy to have her knowledge and experience. Lily tells him that his energy is contagious. Nate thinks they really made the right decision. The meeting breaks off and Audra learns that she is officially hired. She walks out, and Lily and Devon feel in good hands. Nate also approves. Devon thought Nate would have a stronger opinion since he knew her. Nate hopes he’s not trying to start something. Devon says it was a compliment; he made a good impression on her. Nate says, “Thank you.”
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At Newman’s, Nick tells Chelsea he knows this will have a big impact on Johnny’s life…and his own. Chelsea aren’t trying to claim the boy; she did well to give him to Billy and Victoria to raise. She just hopes he will understand that she did what she did for love. Nick feels he will understand that she cares about him. Chelsea gets a text from Billy and says, “It’s done. Johnny finally knows who I really am.

Later, Victoria arrives and Nick tells her that Chelsea passed. Victoria says she’s not her priority and confesses that Johnny took it worse than expected.

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At Crimson Lights, Chelsea asks Billy how Johnny took the news. Billy informs him that the boy will need time to process the information. Chelsea asks if he was at least a little relieved that it was her. “Does he want to see me?” Billy tells him that they won’t push things with him. Chelsea persists. Billy doesn’t think she hears him. “This news really upset him.” He doesn’t want his world to change and they won’t force him to do anything he doesn’t want to do. Billy admits it all caught him off guard. It was supposed to be the best for Johnny, but it seems like she wants more. Chelsea says she just wants him to be okay and wipes away a tear thanking Billy for letting her know and leaves.
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Adam bumps into Chelsea in the park and she says she’s fine. Adam remembers when she asked to take Connor to see Anita. He is still not in favor of it but he is ready to do something with the family. Chelsea will tell Connor about it. Adam says there is no better time than the present. Chelsea tells her it’s not the right time for her and accuses her of trying to fill a void in her own life. She would never use her son to improve her life. “I just want to love him and take care of him. Why don’t people understand that? With that, she walks away, leaving Adam puzzled.

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At Newman’s, Nick tries to reassure his sister that Johnny will make peace with this. Victoria fears she made the wrong decision and ruined it for the rest of her life. Nick offers to take her to the batting cages to talk. Victoria thinks this is a much deeper issue that won’t be easy to come to terms with. Nick gets a text from Sally that she’s for dinner. He smiles. Victoria asks, “Who is it?”
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In her office, Sally smiles after sending the text.

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At Chancellor-Winters, Devon asks Lily again about Billy. She’s not sure it’s up to her to say what’s going on. Audra sends them both numbers. Devon feels better about her decision. Lily is happy to do this side by side with him.

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At Newman’s, Nick tells his sister that he’s finalizing some dinner plans. She informs him that he’s off the hook for now when his phone rings. Nick exits. Victoria responds, “Hello?” Nate said, “Good news. It’s official. Chancellor-Winters goes public. When and where can we meet to take our next big step? »

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