Young & Restless recap: Diane and Phyllis quit Marchetti

At Jabot’s, Diane warns Phyllis to back off! Phyllis asks, “Really?” Diane shouts it this time, “Back stoppedJack appears and warns them to calm things down. If Kyle and Summer intervened for him, they would both be out of work. An emotional Diane apologizes and leaves. Jack tells Phyllis that he won’t. won’t stop her from gloating and rejoicing, she should just be glad Summer and Kyle didn’t see that. “By the way, you’re not off the hook,” he warns as he goes .

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At Crimson Lights, Tessa asks Mariah if she thinks they can really do all of this in time. Mariah mentions coordinating with Noah and is sure they’ll be fine. They stop dead when they see Kyle and Summer, agonizing over something on a tablet and wondering what they’re going to do. Mariah tells Tessa to stay calm and no one will suspect anything. Tessa is sure they are tearing up photos from her photo shoot and she walks over to ask if it was a total disaster. Summer tells her the problem was that she couldn’t choose just one; they were all so good. “Your smile alone could sell a thousand dresses.” Mariah asks what they were watching that was so disappointing. Kyle smiles. They were looking at different concepts for their vow renewal. Mariah and Tessa are excited about the news. Summer thinks they should let him come to them. They all laugh when Noah arrives. He backs up on the terrace so they can’t see him.

In the Abbott living room, Traci meets Allie and is surprised to find her there at this time of day. Allie assures him that everything is fine at work. Traci reflects on the chaos junkies Phyllis and Diane who work there. They’re a handful on a good day, but put them together and something will explode. Allie says they haven’t been a problem for her and have given her plenty of room since she stood up to them and set boundaries. Traci is happy. Allie marvels at working with legend Ashley and where her father found so much joy. Traci asks why she’s not at the lab. Allie has reasons she can’t tell him yet.
Allie Traci Y&R

Jack finds Diane crying in the park. She fights for what he heard and says she really messed up. He will not disagree with her. Diane has just been hiding her feelings for so long and today it just surfaced after her run-ins with Victor and Phyllis. She hates when she lets people like them get to her, but she did it herself. Diane pulls out her phone and Jack asks who she is calling. Diane says, “Kyle. He deserves to know the truth.

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At Crimson Lights, Noah decides to join the others and learns that Summer and Kyle are remarrying. He congratulates them and Summer asks if he will bring Allie. Noah wanted to talk to Mariah and Tessa about it if they had time. The trio head out to the patio leaving Kyle and Summer thinking it was weird. Summer wonders why Noah didn’t want their advice.

At the Abbott mansion, Traci’s curiosity is heightened by Allie’s mysterious absence from work. Allie relays that it’s not her secret to tell. “Noah will be here soon and I’m sure we’ll both know more.” Traci is delighted that everything is going well for her. Allie tells Traci that she gave her advice to let her be happy and she took it. “It’s really great to have family again.”
Traci Y&R

In the park, Diane hopes that Kyle will forgive her. Jack assures her that he has no intention of telling his son about his encounter with Phyllis. He won’t cause problems for Marchetti. Diane is sorry to have seen her scream. Even if he remains silent, she will know. She needs to be honest with Kyle, so she’ll tell him how horribly she behaved, and he can decide how to deal with it.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis finds Summer and Kyle and tells them, “Something happened.” Just then, Kyle gets a text and says, “That’s my mom.”

Noah, Mariah and Tessa arrive at the Abbott mansion. Allie says she wasn’t sure what to say. Noah hopes Traci’s party is free. They’re planning a surprise for Summer and Kyle and might need her help. Traci hopes they don’t surprise them with their vow renewal. Noah explains that it’s a vow renewal party at his new club. Traci likes the idea. They debate whether to include Diane in the festivities or do they ask about the difficulty of putting her in the same room with Phyllis and a disposable cake. Traci thinks they’ll do the best they can and Allie agrees. Mariah is skeptical and offers not to invite either of them. Noah thinks that sounds wrong. Allie suggests there may be another option that doesn’t rule out either of them.

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At Jabot’s, Diane is sure Phyllis wasted no time running to Summer and Kyle. Phyllis felt they had a right to know what happened. Diane is glad she told them, which is why she asked them to meet her…so she can tell the truth. Phyllis accuses her of doing it because she got caught, but Jack vouches for Diane – he was with her before the phone call and she was very remorseful. Diane thanks him and says what she did was totally irrelevant. “I am really sorry.” She lost her temper, and it was inappropriate and unprofessional. Phyllis wonders if she should applaud Diane’s outstanding performance. Diane will spare Kyle and Summer the discomfort of firing her and officially resign. Phillis smiled. She thinks Diane is doing the right thing. Summer nods at Kyle and Phyllis asks what’s going on. Kyle reminds her that they made it clear that they would both be gone if there were any further infractions and Diane quit because of an argument with her. Phyllis can’t believe it – do they want her to quit too?! Phyllis didn’t provoke her! When she came to see them in good faith, she sealed her own fate?!? Diane mutters, “Nobody likes a tattletale.” Kyle asks, “What was that?” Diane was just saying that they had made the terms of their employment perfectly clear; Phyllis must not have grasped the concept of what they said. Kyle tells Phyllis they’re sorry to see her go – it seems like it was inevitable. Phyllis exits. Diane hopes they can all get together for dinner at some point. She goes out too.

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Jack asks if Kyle and Summer just taught them a lesson or if Marchetti said goodbye for good. Kyle doesn’t think it would be possible to teach them to get along. Summer laments that her mother was a perfect fit for Marchetti Home. Jack suggests letting them simmer for a while, then giving them one last chance.
Jack Kyle Summer Y&R

At the Abbotts, Allie suggests staggering Diane and Phyllis’ arrival times. Noah loves their idea and Traci thinks it might work. Mariah warns that they will have to make sure there is no overlap. Traci suggests they put Diane first; it will be easier to get out of the room. They all agree.

In Jabot, Jack receives a message from Traci, who wants to see him. Summer tells Kyle that her dad is a pushover – why should they give their mom another chance? “We have to be firm.” Kyle wonders if it’s worth the collateral damage to Marchetti to prove a point. Summer worries if they let them get away with it, they won’t take it seriously anymore. Kyle thinks they should see what they do next. If they write apology letters they will give them another chance, if they plan to go to war they will stay gone. Summer accepts this strategy.

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At Crimson Lights, Summer finds Phyllis and tells her she’s sorry about how it happened. Phyllis informs him that she is supposed to be on his side. “You fired me because of something Diane did. She lost her mind.” His hatred for her goes back decades and no rules will change that. Summer reminds Phyllis that she gave her word that “she would keep the peace. Phyllis kept the peace and finds the rule ridiculous. Summer points out that she could have ignored Diane or walked away, but she didn’t. She explains how much she and Kyle are busy running an international fashion house and complain that they have to take time off to take care of that stuff.Summer gets a message from Noah, who wants her to meet him at the hotel.Phyllis wants the accompany but Summer suggests they talk in the morning instead.
Summer Phyllis Y&R

At Society, Kyle finds Diane at the bar and tells her he’s proud of her. She made the right decision after what happened. Diane had no choice—part of her therapy was to take ownership of her actions. Kyle assures him that it won’t affect his relationship with him or Harrison unless it gets out of hand. Diane is more determined than ever to do better and be better. She asks if Phyllis quit. Just then, Kyle receives a text from Mariah to meet her at the Grand Phoenix and bring her mother. He points to Diana.

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At Crimson Lights, Phyllis wonders if Diane is getting the better of her and vows not to let her win. “They all have blinkers on.” If only she could get Summer to open her eyes and see things from her perspective. “Summer just needs a little push,” she decides and walks out.

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At the hotel, Kyle, Diane, and Summer walk around the dark room and wonder what’s going on. The lights come on and the guests shout “Surprise!” and applaud. Noah tells Kyle and Summer that the surprise is for them. It’s the party to celebrate the renewal of their vow. Allie is excited that this is her first big Abbott night. Summer and Kyle thank them and Noah says, “Let’s party!” Welcome to the Glam Club.
Noah Allie Traci Jack Tessa Mariah Y&R

Summer tells her brother that this place is going to be crowded day and night. They tease Tessa and Mariah about hiding their plans from them earlier and Summer brushes Noah off. She asks him why his parents are not there. Noah says Nick is on his way, but they thought it best for Diane and Phyllis to come at different times. Summer hopes they have a plan to get Diane out of there.
Noah Summer Y&R

Just then, Noah spots Phyllis at the door. “I thought so, but it looks like we just ran into a little problem.” Phyllis enters and witnesses the scene. She asks Summer, “What’s going on?”
Summer Noah Phyllis Y&R

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