Young & Restless preview: Victoria is in disbelief as Ashland threatens Nate

When will the Ashland scam finally come to light?

In one Young and restless premiering for the week of March 14-18, Victoria doesn’t know who she can trust. Read what’s going on and watch the preview below.

After Victor ordered Ashland to return to Peru, file divorce papers with Victoria, and then cede control of the business…Ashland called his bluff! Ashland learned that Michael and the two talkative Peruvian doctors had been treated. Knowing that Victor had no proof, he told Victoria that a quack doctor had fed Victor lies that he was faking his illness and that his father had believed them. He further claimed that Victor planned all along to take over his business and force him out.

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Meanwhile, Victor brought Nate into the fold of Ashland’s lies and asked for his help before Locke caused further damage and injured Victoria. Nick, who joined Victor in asking for Nate’s help, said they had proof but needed more. Suddenly Victoria burst in and confronted her father and told him that he had crossed a line from which there was no turning back. She later confided in Nikki that her father’s actions against her husband cost her his love and loyalty.

Nate confronts Locke and asks him to tell him that he didn’t lie to him. Ashland of course lied to his face and swore he wasn’t playing Nate. Victoria joined her husband and urged the doctor to speak to her father and tell him how these lies he had been fed were hurting her and Ashland. Meanwhile, Victor learned that Michael was MIA.

This week, Nate had to dig himself, because otherwise why would he face Ashland? In the preview, he tells Locke, “It’s all been one colossal big lie. You don’t have cancer.

In another scene, Ashland tells Victoria that he needs to know she believes him. Luckily, it seems she’s finally starting to have second thoughts, later telling Nick that she doesn’t know what to believe anymore.

As for Nate’s accusations, he thinks the Newmans should know the truth about Ashland. Ashland advises thinking long and hard before Nate does anything reckless. This prompts Nate to ask, “Are you threatening me?”

What do you think Young and restless fansis this the week Victoria finally wakes up?

Be sure to read the Young and restless spoilers for who steps in to help Nate. So take a look back at Ashland and Victoria’s wedding in the photo gallery below.

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