Young & Restless preview: Victoria fears Billy could derail marriage


Victor promises that no one will spoil Victoria’s big day.

In the Young and restless preview for the week of October 4-8, as the wedding draws closer, Victoria has concerns. Read on for more details and watch the teaser video.

In a previous preview of the week, Ashland tells Victoria about a crime that has been committed, and she tells her to reveal the details. It seems that whatever he says to her doesn’t stop him from wanting to say “Yes”, according to this new teaser video.

As Victor lets Ashland know that he won’t let anything or anyone ruin Victoria’s big day, Victoria turns to Nikki and shares her concerns and fears. It is Billy that she is most afraid of ruining her marriage.

Meanwhile, Adam confronts the Abbot and tells Billy that Victoria has chosen to marry Ashland. Sadly, Billy still can’t seem to let go of his obsession with ending the marriage, noting that it’s not over until Victoria says, “Yes.”

Considering Billy’s tenacity when it comes to Ashland’s past and the fact that he probably still has some secrets to hold onto, Billy could very well stop the big event. However at what cost? Not only could this permanently damage the relationship he left with Victoria, but Ashland doesn’t seem like a forgiving man and could seek revenge on Billy if he ruins the marriage.

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