Young & Restless’ Mariah/Tessa: When is the wedding, what fans want

Sorry, Noah, but you’re persona non grata for most viewers.

You might not realize this, given the rarity of Mariah and Tessa appearing on The young and the restless lately, but they are planning a wedding. So far, women have had a little trouble understanding some of the details. Their fans, however, recently shared their thoughts on their own hopes and dreams for this special day…along with some advice, directed at the writers, regarding things they definitely don’t want to see.

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It started innocently enough, as these things always do. CBS sent out a tweet suggesting people use emojis to “show us how excited you are” about the upcoming nuptials. Perhaps foolishly, CBS continued to use the #TeriahTuesday hashtag despite the fact that Tessa and her true love didn’t actually air on that day’s episode.

The couple’s supporters have come out in force to make it clear that they are – and have long been – extremely excited about the big event. But almost without fail, their enthusiasm was accompanied by caveats and occasional shadows. For example, CJ tweeted that they “can’t wait to see who’s going to talk about their wedding,” a reference to the fact that Teriah is often used to support other storylines.

There were, of course, many (many, many) references to Tessa’s ex, Noah, who has been pining for her since returning to town last year. “Please make their marriage just about them,” Dee pleaded. “No Pain Noah Man!”

Others hoped the wedding would be a sensational event like Victoria and Ashland’s ceremony in Tuscany. Most, however, assumed that this time things would be a bit simpler.

Perhaps DarkBluGirL summed it up best when she tweeted that fans are “ready for an epic wedding,” begging the show not to disappoint.

“More than anything,” she added, “we are ready for Young and restless treat Teriah the same way. Thanks for writing for them. Give us drama, angst, romance, and passion while staying true to the characters. let them do something together!

As we continue counting down to the wedding, relive every step of Mariah and Tessa’s beautiful romance.

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