Young & Restless: Mariah decides that she and Tessa are leaving Abby’s


At the ranch, Victor teases Nikki for going overboard for baptism. It evokes the baptism of Nicholas. Victor reflects on the joyous occasion and Nikki asks him to stop and collect cupcakes on the way to church. Victor reminds her that he is a busy business mogul, but accepts. He ruminates on the fact that Chance is not back yet. Nikki tries not to get bogged down in negativity; Dominic will be fine. Victor worries about Abby and wonders, “Where’s the luck?” “

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At the Chancellor’s Estate, Ashley and Nina tell Abby that they have everything planned at church and urge her to relax and enjoy. Abby is grateful. Nina and Ashley exit as Jack enters. He wanted to go ahead with a gift. Abby is surprised that this is actually happening. “I am baptizing my baby boy today.” Jack can see what a wonderful mother she will be. The conversation turns to a struggling Mariah and Jack confides that she has extended her leave. They recap what she’s been through and Jack insists she’s a survivor with a great support system. Abby thinks it will take time and she isn’t quite there yet. She reveals that she has hired a nanny and hopes this relieves Mariah so that she can focus on herself. Jack thinks she should go back to work. Abby agrees that she needs something to focus on.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah assures Tessa that she is feeling better, that she’s excited for the ceremony, and that she’s really looking forward to Bowie’s christening. She defends her decision to keep the nickname and talks about being part of the circle of people to keep it happy and healthy. Noticing Tessa’s expression, she asks if she was worried that she couldn’t handle today. Tessa is happy that she was able to confide in her before and urges her to continue. Mariah talks about having irrational thoughts and feelings, which were related to childbirth. She insists: “I’m better. Bowie to be baptized is amazing. She is happy to have an official role in her life. Tessa can’t wait to see her in action.
Tessa, Mariah speak Y&R

Devon calls Moses to the penthouse, but Amanda appears. Moses has left for school, so she invites him to join her in her bed to welcome her home after his trip. Devon drops the food he brought and they run upstairs.

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After sex, Amanda informs Devon of her trip with Naya and Imani, which was serene and relaxing until yesterday, when Naya was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. Devon offers to help her find the best possible care for her. The conversation turns to the baby and Devon smiles, “He’s awesome,” and relays that he could be a baby whisperer. She’s not surprised because he always knows how to make her feel better. Devon invited Amanda to join him at the baptism and she says she would love to be a part of something so wonderful and knows how important it is to him… the godfather.
Devon and Amanda talk about Naya Y & R's diagnosis

In the park, Victor meets Ashley on her way to collect cupcakes. They marvel at how far their daughter has come and notice her determination to make her dream come true. The conversation turns to Chance. Ashley wishes they could bring him back. Victor agrees; he has other obligations, and this mission has lasted too long. He suggests that they get together and do something. Ash nods.

At church, Abby, carrying Dominic, is joined by Mariah and Devon for baptism as the officiant mentions Chance’s absence from serving their company. As the ceremony continues and the baby’s name is established, tears appear in Mariah’s eyes. Devon and Mariah answer the officiant’s questions and the baptism takes place.
Abby, Devon, Mariah baptize Y&R

Back at the Chancellor Estate, everyone beams as Abby puts the baby in his crib and Nikki notices that he is the living embodiment of the four most prominent families in Genoa City. Abby feels so lucky to have Devon and Mariah as her godfathers. Victor offers a toast to his new grandson. Tessa notices that Mariah is struggling. As the champagne is poured, Victor notices Abby’s unexpected arrival – he was the first to hold her in his arms. Devon will remember Dominic’s birth for the rest of his life. Nina marvels at Mariah’s incredible courage and lets everyone know that Chance would be there if he could. Ashley remembers Abby’s christening and they reflect on how proud John and Neil would be if they were there. Abby tells Mariah that she will always have an important role in her son’s life. Mariah fidgets and drops her glass. The baby starts to cry. She apologizes and Tessa pushes her aside.
Abby, Tessa, Mariah Y&R scene

In the park, Mariah shouts, “What’s wrong with me ?! She tells Tessa that she thought she could do it, but they tell all these stories and… Bowie is already a part of their lives. Their efforts to include it only made matters worse. She cannot be with the baby without her heart breaking into a thousand pieces. “I don’t think I can do this!”
Mariah can't do this anymore Y&R

At the Chancellor Estate, Abby returns the baby to sleep and explains that Mariah still has the emotional consequences of the kidnapping. They decide the best way to support Mariah is to prepare for the party. Ashley checks in with Abby, who admits that she feels love for the baby and also worry for Mariah and Chance. She is grateful for the support of her parents.

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Mariah and Tessa return, and Devon and Abby say they hope she’s okay. Mariah apologizes to everyone, and they reassure her. Mariah urges them to keep celebrating as she goes upstairs. Victor and Nikki take their leave, followed by Ashley and Jack. Nina leaves the room and Amanda says goodbye to Abby after Devon lets her know he will stay to make sure Mariah is okay.

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Once alone, Abby tells Devon that she feels she’s done everything to make things better for Mariah. They look up as Mariah and Tessa appear on the stairs with their bags. Mariah informs Abby that they are moving and that she will continue to pump and store milk. She can see it’s a shock, but she can’t stay there!

At the ranch, Victor is upset by Abby who is standing alone at the baptism: “Where the hell is her husband?” He sees more dark clouds on the horizon and Nikki understands that he means Mariah. Victor knows she went through a terrible ordeal thanks to Stitch. He worries that Mariah will stay in the house while she is traumatized. Nikki thinks that if Abby could muster a little more strength to lend Mariah a helping hand, there would be nothing more human.

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At the Abbott house, Ashley worries about the situation with Mariah. Jack thinks it was a selfless act that Mariah did and that she went through hell with Stitch; it can be difficult, but she’s not just a friend, she’s part of the family.

At the Chancellor Estate, Abby reminds Mariah that she has agreed to stay a few months, and nothing has changed. Mariah replies, “Nothing has changed for you.” She gave birth to this baby and everything changed. “I changed.” Abby wipes away her tears, she and Devon want to help her. “Whatever you need, I’ll do it.” Mariah knows, but there’s nothing Abby can do to make it easier for her. She was the one who carried this child and spoke to him when he was in her, and protected him. Mariah doesn’t say any of this to hurt Abby, but she can’t pretend it doesn’t kill her. “I can’t step back and look at you…” She knows it’s supposed to be like that, but it hurts so much. As crazy as it sounds, Mariah just wants to be his mother. “It’s Bowie, my Bowie.” These feelings are the reason she can’t stay there anymore.

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Abby understands what Mariah is saying and is sorry she went through it. Mariah asks to say goodbye to Dominic. Abby nods. “Take all the time you need.” Mariah picks up the baby, calls him Bowie and tells him that she has to say goodbye to him, but they will still be connected and share a bond like no one else. When the time comes when she’s a little stronger, she can be a part of her life… but she has to keep her distance for now, as much as it hurts, so she can get to that place. “Oh my Bowie, I love you so, so much.” Devon, Abby and Tessa exchange pained looks.
Mariah says goodbye Devon Abby Tessa Y&R

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