Young & Restless Fall 2022 Preview: Big Changes Head to Genoa City

Who knew Genoa City might even have earthquake?

If you’ve been a little frustrated with The young and the restless recently, you are not alone. We, too, lamented everything from Nick’s lack of love life to Jack’s treatment of Phyllis, from the endless job changes as storylines to the waste of potentially crucial characters. (Hey, Ashland!) But it’s not just fall in the air, it’s change.

As you read this, Nick falls into an affair with Sally that we’ve been waiting for, pleading, dying for ages. Its good. This takes MVP Joshua Morrow off the bench and puts him back on the line (doing more than wring his hands on the Newman family business). And Nick and Sally’s affair sets the stage for fantastic lines with his exes, Sharon and Phyllis, as well as his own – his half-brother, Adam.

Jack and Phyllis are still kind of a mess, but the addition to the cast of A life to live vet Trevor St. John – we’re guessing, as Diane’s partner in crime – promises to shake things up way hell. What we hope is that her character will not only conspire with Diane but, against her better judgment, fall in love with Phyllis.

How deliciously messy that would be this be?

Amanda teases Phyllis about Jack Y&R

Although the show hasn’t seemed to know what to do with Chelsea for ages – she’s no longer a creator, she’s a podcaster! She doesn’t fall for Rey, she falls for Billy… or is it Chance? – there are signs that we read as overwhelmingly positive. As in, she’s about to snap and get mean for a while. And if you ask us, that’s a much better use of the talented Melissa Claire Egan than just letting her character wander from story to story.

Elena, Nate romance Y&R

Finally, while we haven’t been too excited about Nate and Devon’s Chancellor-Winters tiffs so far – the stakes have seemed so low we could trip them up – their conflict is about to reach a turning point. After that, unless we miss our target, both of their relationships will be turned upside down. Will Nate end up with Imani…or will he come back with Amanda? Will Devon eventually reconnect with Elena? We can’t wait to find out.

Review some of Young and restless‘, uh, less successful decisions lately in the photo gallery below that recalls the blunders of the 2022 show.

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