Young & Restless’ Courtney Hope Shares Girls’ Nightlife Madness On Video

No matter how wild and wacky your weekend is, the actress seems to have you covered.

You know the kind of idiot you can only be with your loved ones? The kind of silliness that makes you laugh until you can barely breathe? Well, that’s exactly the kind of nonsense Courtney Hope did this weekend.

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On May 29, the Young and restless The leading lady shared a video of herself and a group of girlfriends on their last girls night out. “Mission Insanity,” she captioned.

Mission accomplished, too, at first sight. In the clip, which you can watch in full below, the friends take turns seeing if they can blow out a candle with a stocking on their face. And you’d think it would be easy – stockings aren’t airtight, are they? – but young women can’t cope.

Not that they don’t get a lot of laughs trying!

In the comments, a friend playfully asked Sally’s portrait artist, “Umm… how are you?” she laughed and admitted, “That’s the real question, isn’t it?”

From what we can see, she’s not only doing well, she’s having a blast. (And who of us hasn’t needed to let off steam lately?) While you’re here enjoying the madness, you can double the dip. All you have to do is…

Click through the photo gallery below to re-watch highlights from Sally’s crazy life on Young and restless and Bold and beautiful.

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