Young & Restless & Bold & Beautiful: Nikki’s Revenge Crossover Preview

Nikki has orders for Deacon

In a Young and restless preview for the week of September 19-23, Nikki bumps into her ex. Read what’s going on and watch the preview below.

For weeks, Phyllis and Nikki have been trying to find some kind of dirt on Diane to get her out of their lives. Their plan to use investigator Talia Morgan hit a snag when a mysterious figure was able to force Talia’s editor to kill off her Diane series. And Phyllis’ idea of ​​bringing Diane down by working at Marchetti with her was also a failure.

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Now Nikki has decided to go to Los Angeles to see the one person who can possibly provide them with what they need. Unfortunately, it’s her ex-husband Deacon, with whom she doesn’t have a good history. Victoria reminded her mother that it was a man who had blackmailed her into getting married, and Victor also worried about this plan. Nikki swore she knew what she was doing and wouldn’t jeopardize her sobriety.

Nikki comes face to face with Deacon this week and asks him if he really thought the truth wouldn’t come out. She and others know he helped Diane fake her death years ago. He assumes she is here for revenge. She is, but not on him, at least as long as he does what she says.

What do you think of the fans? What is Nikki doing and will it work?

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Video: Young and restless/Youtube

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