Young & Restless: Ashland and Adam’s revenge plot, Chelsea wants Billy

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Young & Restless seems to be plotting revenge, but will this scheme really let the “bad guys” in the room beat down the hammer? Phyllis and Diane’s truce has lasted about as long as expected, and Chelsea’s latest project has nothing to do with fashion.

Short, not sweet

The so-called truce between Phyllis and Diane didn’t even last five minutes and I’m super happy about it. Now we can clearly see Diane’s passive-aggressive manipulations, her agenda, and how satisfied she is when she provokes Phyllis’s anger while smiling sweetly and looking like a rose. I’m all for Phyllis teaming up with Nikki and maybe Ashley to try and get this woman out. The soapiest part is that we know Diane is a wrecking ball, so they won’t get rid of her until she manages to make a a lot more havoc first.

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true colors

Speaking of manipulators, Imani had a quick one on Nate this week when she pretended to throw them a dinner party for three with Sally, but actually booked an intimate table for two. I know some viewers are put off by a woman chasing a man who’s “taken,” but that’s the commotion we need on the show. I am here for this.

Hotel Wars Part II?

why on Earth Does Lily need to acquire or build a hotel to house her talent when Devon possesses Genoa City Athletic Club?! It has suites for their guests and a ballroom to hold conventions. Are they really recycling Phyllis hotel war story against failed Abby and inserting Lily? Hopefully that doesn’t even become a thing because Phyllis has bigger fish to fry right now with Diane back in town.

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Double Trouble

Ashland returned to hiding around Genoa City in an effort to formulate a plan to exact revenge on Victoria and the Newmans and, unsurprisingly, it wasn’t long before the perfect opportunity presented itself in a furious Adam. Locke then made sure they crossed paths and planted the seeds in Adam’s mind that they both wanted the same thing – revenge. I expect them to team up. If Adam stays in Newman as an “inside man”, they could do some serious damage.

Fans seemed to have two opinions on the turn of events, with some eager to see what evil Adam and Ashland can unleash:

Others would have preferred to see a different dynamic explored between Adam and the Newmans, viewing the latest events as a tired retread:

This appears being the same old with Adam, with no new ideas here, but you never know what twist there might be. As for Ashland, he finally needs to live up to the hype of the Locke Ness Monster moniker. It’s almost as if Victoria challenged him with her last powerful move.

New Obsession, Old Flame?

Chelsea leaves her partnership with Chloe and her career as a designer and now focuses on her ex, Billy. For context, Chelsea and Billy’s first interaction was in Myanmar where she drugged him and had sex with him while he was working for Victor, who was trying to put a stop to Billy’s relationship with Victoria. Later, Chelsea had Johnny and ceded her parental rights to Billy and Victoria. Years later, Chelsea and Billy fell in love and moved in together, but he left her at the altar after finding out she had had sex with their neighbor Gabriel, who was actually Adam back from the dead with a new face. During a recent conversation, Billy recalled how well Chelsea knew him and the kindness he showed her seemed to fill a void left by Rey. With him pondering the idea of ​​her helping him with his podcast, well, the writing is on the wall. Lily seems to have had enough of her lifelong obsession with all things Victoria anyway, but this threat won’t even be on her radar.

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