Young and restless: Sally risks everything with Adam. Plus, Courtney Hope Photos

Spectra may be risking it all with a new line of work, but her fashion sense lives on in Courtney Hope.

Sally Spectra rides the wave a bit Young and restless for now, so much so that she may have lost sight of how quickly this could all come crashing down on her!

Sure, she always seems to bounce back brilliantly from misfortunes that befall her (or in many cases, attract herself), but she’s burned a bunch of bridges in Genoa City in a relatively short time, and considering the company she keeps, could easily end up on the fringes of another workplace.

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Sally seemed to heed the warnings people gave her about Adam, and she’s well aware of his past misdeeds thanks in large part to Billy’s article, but thinks he’s changed and put his money where his mouth is, so to speak, tying his fortune to his new position.

So far so good, but she wouldn’t be the first woman to take an interest in changing Adam, only to be disappointed. Just ask Sharon or Chelsea. In fact, Sally just got a close shave with the unemployment line when Adam decided to challenge Victor by refusing to spy for him, which could easily have gotten them kicked out of Newman Media.

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On the other hand, Sally’s desire to keep a job may be a factor that helps keep Adam on the straight and narrow (somewhat), knowing that if he goes, she’ll have to go with him. In fact, we think La Spectra will do well as COO of Newman Media, although we hate to see her leave the fashion world. As Bold and beautiful viewers can attest, his designs were bold, eclectic and top-notch. We miss them!

In a case of life imitating art, or vice-versa, Sally’s portrayer, Courtney Hope, is also something of a fashionista, with a style that’s not quite dissimilar to that of her soap alter ego. . For example, this outfit she chose for a weekend event and captioned “Saturday Night Vibes.”

It’s more common to see Hope in swimsuits or workout gear on her social media, but when she dresses up, it’s on all fours. About the fashion choice below, she explained, “Some days I feel sporty, some days I feel sexy, some days I feel edgy, some days I feel rocker, some days I feel badass, some days I feel bloated and want to cuddle up in sweats all day…but lately I’ve been feeling more like a glamorous girly princess.

If you like the Young and restless The star’s Instagram style, don’t miss our gallery of Courtney Hope’s hottest red carpet looks, categorized in the photo gallery below.

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