Young and restless Phyllis luckily tied up for a new romance? Alive and with amnesia?


Sorry, Jacques; this is not a meeting with you.

Unless our spidey senses need to be adjusted, The young and the restless gave viewers a great hint on the next step for Phyllis in the way she and Nick have gone their separate ways. You will remember that she was fed up with her significant other introducing her to her demanding family. She wasn’t just mad at it, she was hurt by it.

So what Phyllis wants and deserves is someone who will think of her and only her. It can’t be Jack, given that his family ties are more tangled than a cat cradle game. But he could be – wait for it, wait for it – luck.

Oh, come on, you don’t really think he’s dead, do you? (We don’t; here’s why.)

Before “the deceased” reunited with Abby, sparks flew fast and furiously between him and Phyllis. And if he returned to Genoa City with not only a new face – our picks to play him here – but a case of amnesia, he might find himself drawn to Phyllis again. While Abby desperately wants him to remember their love, Phyllis would be content to let him rediscover himself – with her.

Chance has family, of course. But unlike Nick’s, Chance’s is not very present. Mum Nina and Grandma Jill come and go like the seasons, and damn it, when was the last time we saw Phillip? Dealing with this lot would be a lot easier for Phyllis than dealing with the fact that Victor put a stranger in his bed for months.

So what does Abby do as Chance and Phyllis get to know each other and fall head over heels in love? Relying hard on Dominic’s bio-father Devon is what. So the stage is set for Chance to regain her memory just as Abby and Devon got so close they stepped through the Friends Zone. Fireworks galore in 3, 2 …

Abby, Devon Y&R

Wouldn’t that be a deliciously messy and soapy drama?

What do you think, Young and restless Fans? Could you support a possible Phyllis / Chance couple? If nothing else, she and Abby would have something more meaningful to argue about than hotels. On the way to the comments, stop by the photo gallery below, which revisits Phyllis’ wildlife highlights in Genoa.

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