Young and restless: Phyllis calls for a ceasefire with Diane

Sally finds Adam hard at work in his office and gives him her opinion. He marvels at her new look and calls it “simple but powerful”. Sally confirms that this is the look she is going for and Adam urges her to smile and pretend she has the biggest secret in the world at the press conference. He thinks it’s better than his previous stints in charge of Newman… for one thing, he’s got it. They kiss.

At Society, Michael complains to Victor about not answering his phone. Victor doesn’t have much time, he has to go to a press conference. Michael reveals that he found Ashland and Victoria. They are staying at a hotel in New York and Locke was spotted meeting with a high-end real estate broker. Victor deduces that they are looking for office space to start a new business.

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In New York, Victoria likes to enjoy a relaxing morning and not having to rush to the office. She reminds Ashland that the business world is counting down to the big press conference announcing his successor. Ashland wasn’t sure she wanted to watch it, but she proclaims she’ll be glued to the tablet and won’t miss a minute of it. Ashland thought she would be irritated. She assumes it’s because rumor has it that her father will install Adam in her place. She’s sure Victor would love for her to lose him and get back to defending her turf. That’s why he would – he always pits them against each other. She won’t fall in. Ashland is impressed. Victoria observes that no one has ever had her like him; they are kindred spirits. Locke just wished he had realized that from the start.
Ashland Victoria New York Y&R

Ashland goes to change and Victoria calls Nick. She’s surprised he doesn’t know where she is – she thought their father would have figured that out by now. Nick says if he knows, he didn’t tell her. She reveals that they are in New York and thinks it looks like Nick won’t be making it to their brother’s coronation. She asks him to convey her congratulations. Nick wonders if she’ll watch it, but she doubts she and Ashland have the time – they’re meeting new investors about a new venture. Nick asks if she will be competing with Newman. Victoria has to leave and logs out.

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At the Abbott mansion, Jack and Kyle finish the last of their Jabot cases. They discuss Newman’s upcoming press conference announcing Adam as CEO and Kyle teases Jack that meanwhile he is quietly sending his son to another division. Jack reminds his son that it was his idea and says he couldn’t be prouder that he’s becoming Marchetti’s sole boss. The conversation turns to Diane and Kyle tells his father that things are going well. They spent time together and she worked hard to prove herself. She didn’t do anything wrong; at least not that he knows. Jack is glad they are slowing things down, as it will have lifelong implications. Kyle admits that part of him just wants to hold on to her and heal, but then he remembers his grief when she was murdered. “It was the most traumatic thing I have ever experienced. Finding out it was a lie, inflicted by my own mother, isn’t the kind of thing you go through overnight. He wants to trust her, but is suspicious. Kyle knows there is a problem between him and Phyllis that has to do with Diane. Jack assures her that these are two different issues and that he shouldn’t let that affect his assessment.

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At the hotel, Summer tells her mother that it’s time to meet Diane at the party to extend an olive branch. He begs Phyllis not to back down when it’s so important to her family. Phyllis sighs and says, “Let’s go.

At Newman Enterprises, Adam asks Sally if she thinks her speech is too long and she advises cutting the last line. Victor arrives and Adam asks to speak to his father alone. Sally goes to chat up the media and Adam reiterates to his father that he plans to make the most of this opportunity. They shake hands. Victor said, “I bet on it, son. I bet on you.

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At the park, Diane greets Summer and Phyllis and asks what they wanted to meet. Summer states that while her mother was out of town, she had time to reflect. Phyllis blurts out that she was able to center herself and take a step back. Diane marvels, “Really?!” It’s taken her years and Phyllis strikes her as someone with so many issues weighing her down. Phyllis snaps, “Oh really?!” Then glances at Summer and says she doesn’t want the resentment to fester inside the way it did for Diane, so she’d like to put the past behind them…from of today.
Diane Y&R Park

Diane asks, “Are you saying this is a new start for both of us? Phyllis won’t forget what she did to him. Sumemr intervenes: “But you can forgive.” Diane reflected, “Good. The way so many people in town have forgiven you for everything you’ve done. Phyllis declares this a ceasefire and truce. Diane smiled, “You just made my day.” She knows it must not have been easy for Phyllis. Summer points out that when Diane returned, it brought up painful issues for everyone. Diane marvels that Phyllis is able to let go – it must be so liberating! Phyllis thinks it must be good for Diane to cross someone off the very long list of people who don’t want her in town. Diane thinks it’s best they get along. Phyllis notes that no one has a reason to give her a second chance in this town, but she will. Phyllis won’t make her daughter uncomfortable. I will never make him choose sides. Diane appreciates the effort. She is so happy that Phyllis has reached this level of serenity and maturity. “I hope you don’t take it the wrong way.” Phyllis replies, “Absolutely not. Let’s go.” She and Summer leave.

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At Newman Enterprises, Victor starts the press conference.

In New York, Ashland and Victoria watch as her father explains that she stepped down for personal reasons and he names his son Adam as his successor effective immediately. Victoria’s expression tightens as Victor talks about Adam’s credentials and introduces him.
Adam Victor Sally presser Y&R

At Newman’s, Adam thanks his sister for putting things in place so they can thrive in these difficult times and explains how he will increase profits while staying true to his father’s values.
In New York, Ashland makes fun of Adam and Victoria decides she’s seen enough as Adam introduces Sally. She tells Locke that her father deserves everything Adam and Sally are going to put him through.

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At Newman’s, Nick arrives as Adam answers questions from the press. He asks to speak to Victor outside and says, “I heard about Victoria.” Adam’s eyes locked on them.

In the hallway, Nick says that Victoria is fine and that she is in New York, but he assumes that his father knew that. He adds that she and Ashland are meeting with investors for a new company. Victor is surprised that he tells her that. Nick doesn’t want her mixed up in the creep anymore. Neither did Victor.
At the Abbott mansion, Jack and Kyle marvel at Sally’s ability to bounce back. They’re glad she’s Victor’s handful now and not theirs. Diane arrives and explains that she just met Summer and Phyllis in the park. Kyle knew this was happening. Diane informs Jack that Phyllis has declared a truce and that she has Summer to thank. Kyle thinks he’s a lucky man. At this time, he receives a text message and leaves to join his wife at the hotel.
Kyle Jack Diane Y&R

Diane tells Jack that she knows better than to believe that Phyllis has accepted her. The woman is so unpredictable, who knows how long this truce will last? Jack wonders if Diane is questioning Phyllis’ sincerity. Diane assumes her motives are unimportant if she goes through with it. She said she was doing it for the kids, and she’s sure there’s some truth to that. Diane feels like the redhead is trying to impress Jack. She wonders if she’s using it now to try to make amends with him. Jack doesn’t know what Phyllis is thinking, but urges Diane not to provoke her. Diane has no intention of kicking that hornet’s nest – why would she? ! Jack gives her a pointed look. “Is this a real question? Diane is just glad the woman volunteered to back off. Jack receives a text from Phyllis wanting to meet and talk.

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At the hotel, Phyllis pours herself a drink and Summer says she’s proud of her. She knows it was hard for her to swallow her feelings for Diane, but it’s unhealthy to center your life on hating someone. The conversation turns to things that are going well for Summer and Kyle. Phyllis doesn’t want the negativity to affect them. She gives Summer her word that she will be nice to this heifer. “I mean, your mother-in-law.” Summer hugs her.

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At the hotel, Summer and Kyle want to celebrate the ceasefire between their mothers. Kyle admits he should never underestimate his wife again. He reveals that he plans to hire his mother at Marchetti. “How would you feel?” Summer is sure they could find a place for him, but she worries about him. “Are you sure you’re ready for her to build a permanent life this close to you?” Kyle can’t erase everything she put him through, and the scars may never fade, but that can’t happen if he sends her away without trying. Summer tells her they’ll do their best and see what happens. They are kissing.
Kyle Y&R Summer Hotel

At Newman’s, Sally tells Adam that the online reaction to the presser has been positive and reads the comments to him. He gives her a present. “A little something to commemorate the special occasion.” She tells him he’s the nicest, most handsome guy, and reveals that she also got him her favorite scotch. They marvel at how far they’ve come, and Adam suggests she close the door. They start kissing.

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In New York, Victoria and Ashland think their meeting went well. Ashland liked the way they argued during their pitch. Victoria wonders if they should fund their own business, which would give them complete control. Ashland reminds him that that would also mean assuming all the risk. Victoria maintains that it would be the two of them who conquered the world. Ashland clearly loves this take.

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In Newman’s hallway, Michael tells Victor that he came as soon as he got his message. “What’s new?” Victor learned that Ashland and Victoria approached investors to start a new business. He wants Michael to find these people and convince them not to spend a penny.

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