Young and Restless Missed Opportunity for Kyle vs. Keemo Story

Michael Mealor’s guest appearance as Kyle only served to highlight the searing plotline that never unfolded.

If it was up to us, The young and the restless would never have dropped from its Hunter King and Michael Mealor lineup, and we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. But let them go, the soap opera did, and now what else can we do but shake our heads at the fact that it keeps reminding us of what we’re missing with one-off appearances like Mealor’s on March 15?

If you know Summer and Kyle are important and viewers want to see them powers that be, maybe you should, uh, bring them back? You know, full time? But we digress…

What Was Worse About Mealor’s last mini throwback was the fact that her purpose was for Jack to inform her that her big brother Keemo was dead. “WHO?” Kyle should have asked, because until this storyline, Keemo hadn’t been mentioned in eons. But he didn’t say that.

Instead, Kyle and Jack discussed the turn of events that left fans as disappointed as the legendary character of Peter Bergman. Why kill Keemo – off-screen, no less – by cutting off a hitherto underexplored branch of the Abbott family tree? It does not mean anything.

“Why was this scenario covered in as much plastic as my father’s house?”

Credit: CBS screenshot

Moreover, it underlines the obvious intrigue that Young & Restless should have played: Kyle vs. Keemo. If the show had reintroduced Kyle’s older brother as a threat to his position as dad’s favorite, it could have had a rivalry on its hands the likes of which we haven’t seen since JR and Bobby fought over control of Ewing Oil on dallas.

He would have practically written himself too. Jack, feeling guilty over his broken ties with Keemo, would have given him preferential treatment, which would have brought out the competitive beast in Kyle. This, in turn, could have put a strain on his marriage to Summer. Would she have confided in the older and wiser Keemo, thus throwing a match on an already explosive situation? Would Keemo have solved his own problems as a father by doing a play for Phyllis, the stepmother he had never met? (In fact, he met Pop’s former fiancée, loco Mari Jo.)

The possibilities are limitless. Where they would have been, had Young and restless not thrown Keemo in dead and buried. What do you think, fans? Would you have liked a feud with Keemo to bring Kyle back, and Summer with him? On the way to the comments, stop by the photo gallery below, which lines up and explains how all members of the Abbott clan are related.

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