Young and restless: Joshua Morrow hates internal fights between Nick and Victor Newman

Unfortunately, it’s one he just can’t get away from!

It’s always a good time when you ask actors what their favorite storylines have been over the years. But more often than not, we learn more about actors when we ask them what their less favorite stories were!

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The young and the restless‘ Eric Braeden has certainly had a lot to say recently about his disappointment with Victor and Ashland. And when Joshua Morrow was asked during an Instagram Live Q&A with Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) what storylines he hates to play for Nick, he had an answer ready to go!

“My least favorite story to play is probably any story where I’m constantly fighting with my dad,” he admitted. “Like my father in my real life; he’s like my best friend. And I don’t think a son should ever treat his father the way Nick sometimes does.

OK, it has obtained be tough, then, because there’s a one in two chance every time we tune in to Genoa City that we’ll see Victor fighting with one of his kids – and that includes Nick a lot!

“Now, okay,” Morrow admitted, “Victor is causing a lot of these problems.”

Can’t we all get along? Not if Victor has his say!

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You do not say. The man who always knows what’s best for his kids, whether they like it or not, what’s causing trouble? Perish the thought.

We joke. You know that’s bad after Nick admitted earlier in the week that he had Adam more than he’d like to admit. Victor forced his eldest son to help after Ashland’s death, although Nick didn’t want him to. He doesn’t go after dear old daddy as much as he does Adam. And that’s as it should be, because angry or not, Morrow doesn’t let his character get away with it when he Is retort to Victor.

“There’s a certain level of respect,” he explained, “and family ties that should always be more important than any of these fights that keep giving it shit.”

It was at this point, however, that Stafford couldn’t help but chime in, saying “then we wouldn’t have a show if the Newmans didn’t fight with each other!”

This is valid. See above the odds of Victor fighting with his kids!

The good news for Morrow, however, is that for now, Nick seems to want to play nice no matter what his dad does. But it looks like he might get terribly almost had enough!

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All it may take is for Ashland’s death to blow up in the family’s face – and end much worse for everyone because of Victor’s cover-up! It’s something even Nick would find hard to swallow with respect and grace.

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