Who is Crystal in The Young and the Restless?

The DAYTIME drama series The Young And The Restless has a wide cast of characters.

Soap fans who regularly tune in to The Young And The Restless know that the show’s releases aren’t always final, and some stars return to the show.


Years after leaving Y&R, Crystal Porter shocked audiences with her return to the program

Who is Crystal in The Young and the Restless?

In July 2017, Crystal Porter was introduced to the people of Genoa City, Wisconsin.

Portrayed by Morgan Obenreder, Crystal’s storyline on the program was full of drug-addicted parents, sex trafficking, and murder.

When viewers first met her, she corresponded with Sharon Newman via a crisis hotline.

As the story progressed, Crystal tried to run away from Genoa City and was intercepted by Nick Newman and Sharon.

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She left town, but Sharon and Nick tracked her down to a shoddy motel.

At the motel, a criminal henchman bumps into the three of them and forces Crystal to leave with him.

Fans have learned that the henchman works for sex trafficker Alice Johnson.

Sharon, Nick, Tessa and Mariah also discovered that Alice was selling Crystal and other girls.

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Tessa also tells Mariah and the rest of the gang that Crystal is, in fact, her younger sister.

While Tessa was able to find Alice’s whereabouts, the mischievous figure managed to elude her.

It wasn’t until Sharon used the help of her daughter Cassie that she was able to force Alice’s hand and get her to return Crystal to Tessa.

Shortly after returning safely, Crystal exposes Zack Sinnett for his part in Alice’s scheme.

Y&R viewers anticipated Morgan Obenreder's re-emergence as Crystal in 2022


Y&R viewers anticipated Morgan Obenreder’s re-emergence as Crystal in 2022Credit: Lifetime

Zack was using an online dating app to attract women.

Scott Grainger and Abby Newman confront him, and a struggle ensues between the three of them.

Before Zack can get rid of Scott and Abby, Crystal shoots and kills him.

Due to the perpetrator’s murder, Crystal leaves town for good with the help of her older sister.

Has Crystal returned to Y&R?

After her years away from Y&R, Crystal returned to Genoa City.

On the May 16, 2022, aired, she reunited with the rest of the characters just in time for Tessa and Mariah’s wedding.

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Before returning to town, his whereabouts have been hinted at in previous episodes.

Following her disappearance, Tessa gave few details about how she funded Crystal’s new life in Canada.

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