What Young and Restless Fans Really Think About Adam’s Latest Revenge Plan

Adam Newman’s feud with his family isn’t ending anytime soon. His belief that Victor trusted his siblings more than him runs too deep, and is part of what prompted his resignation from Newman Enterprises (via Soaps in Depth). Now that he knows the truth about what happened that fateful night, it’s clear he’s not above using that information to get what he really wants and beat his dad in class. road, Showbiz Army reported.

Adam’s revenge plan tore fans apart. In Tweeter, a fan lamented the vengeful path he’s been on, writing, “Adam, please don’t go back down to that dark part again, for once why can’t you always be good by going to evil .” In other Tweeterone viewer wanted Adam to give up his vendetta and pursue a more fruitful career opportunity, writing, “So Adam turned down Jack’s offer to be co-CEO of Jabot so he could work on truth about the truth. Ashland’s death and holding Victor and the Newman accountable I hope Adam goes to work with Jack after this.

But some users are in favor of Adam exploring his dark side. A fan tweeted that they’re already anticipating the fallout from the (eventual) big reveal about the circumstances surrounding Ashland’s death, writing, “Oops, Adam got the secret. Can’t wait to see it unfold.”

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