What do the lines on the red Solo mugs mean?


Thanks to popular culture and teen movies, most people around the world are now familiar with red Solo tumblers. But what do the lines on the red Solo mugs mean?

Yes, the red Solo mugs have become practically synonymous with youthful exuberance and American teen movies, thanks to their widespread use at parties.

However, if you’ve ever wondered what the lines that appear on the outside of the red Solo mug mean, then you are definitely not alone.

The cup, invented by Robert hulesman, has three distinct lines which are in fact intended to function as measurement lines. The lower line indicates 1 oz or a dose of alcohol.

The second line is for wine and says 5 0 z, and the third line shows where you need to pour to get a 12 oz serving of beer.

Red Solo Cup Meme: What Do the Lines Mean on a Red Solo Cup?
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And if you didn’t already know this information, fear not, as a meme featuring the information recently went viral on Facebook, and it looks like a lot of people are new to the true genius of the Solo Cup.

“No wonder we roll after two drinks, we put alcohol all the way to the wine line.” One social media user wrote, while another commented, “We’re pouring vodka to the loool wine line. [sic]”

There you go, far from being a simple drinking vessel that gained popularity thanks to Hollywood, the Solo Red Mug is actually a sophisticated invention designed to help you pour your measurements correctly.

And if you want proof that the older generation is just as good at drinking games as their younger counterparts, then check out this excellent video of two grandparents playing a flawless game of beer pong against their grandchildren. son and his friends.

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