West Side Rag » Upper West Side positivity rates above city average

Posted on May 14, 2022 at 8:31 a.m. by West Side Rag

By Bob Tannenhauser

The Upper West Side continues to show higher COVID positivity rates than the city as a whole, according to weekly data reported by the health department.

Seven-day average positivity rates for the period ending May 10 were 11.21% for ZIP Code 10023, up slightly from 11.04% the previous week; 8.74% for postal code 10024, compared to 11.91% the previous week; 8.6% for postal code 10025, compared to 7.62% the previous week; and 14.36% for ZIP Code 10069, down slightly from 14.61% the previous week.

The number of people newly reported positive for this period was 159 out of 1,418 people tested for postcode 10023; 119 out of 1,362 people were tested for postcode 10024; 235 out of 2,731 people were tested for postcode 10025; and 28 of 195 people tested for postcode 10069. [This does not take into account unreported self tests.]

For New York City, the daily average positivity rate for the past seven days was 8.04%, compared to the 28-day daily average of 8.51%. The total number of average daily cases rose to 3,613 for the seven-day period, compared to a daily average of 2,940 over 28 days. Average daily hospitalizations fell from 60 to 54, and average daily deaths fell from four to three, for the 28-day daily average.

The current alert level remains medium. “New York City was one of the few places in New York State where transmission rates did not increase enough to trigger a higher level of alert, according to CDC data,” The New York Times reported.

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