Video shared by KCPD shows truck hit Independence Bridge

A Kansas City bridge known to have frequent collisions with commercial trucks on Wednesday saw another driver unsuccessfully attempting to clear its underpass.

A video shared on twitter speak Kansas City Police Department showed the top of a van being removed as it attempted to pass under the bridge near Independence and Wilson avenues. In the video, the truck stops shortly after the driver apparently becomes aware of the crash.

“Apparently the Independence Street Bridge has flat tops,” police said in a tweet. “Everyone is safe, especially the bridge. “

Collisions with the bridge, which has flashing lights and signs indicating 12-foot clearance, are so common that there are is a Facebook page dedicated to the documentation of accidents there.

The bridge has been affected by box trucks and semi-trailers for years. His Facebook page which proudly proclaims: “I have been enjoying your human concoctions for decades. Your steel boxes with wheels are absolutely delicious. Please feed me more! “

The Kansas City Terminal Railway Company, which owns the bridge, says it is affected about twice a month. Collisions are so common that sometimes the company is not even aware of them, Shawn Lauby, director of railway safety and administration, told The Star.

Safety inspectors regularly check the bridge after a collision is reported. Authorities placed additional signage there and sought ways to reduce the number of incidents, including exploration of civil engineering projects.

“While these collisions might seem difficult, they don’t do much for the bridge,” Lauby said at the time, adding, “It’s in good shape. It was just designed in a time when you needed it. clearance for horse-drawn carriages, not for 13-and-a-half-foot semi-trailers.

The Star’s Kevin Hardy contributed to this report.

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