The Young and the Restless star Sharon Case breaks silence over death of character’s husband Rey Rosales

The Young and the Restless star Sharon Case has broken her silence over the death of her character’s husband, Rey Rosales.

Played by Jordi Vilasuso, Rey was found dead in a horrific car accident during last week’s episodes.


Sharon Case has opened up about the youth and turbulent death of Rey RosalesCredit: CBS
Played by Jordi Vilasuso, the character died in a horrific car accident


Played by Jordi Vilasuso, the character died in a horrific car accidentCredit: Getty

In a new interview with Michael Fairman, Sharon, whose Young and the Restless character bears the same name, explained that she had to say goodbye to her TV husband.

The actress called Rey’s death “really crazy” [and] shocking.”

Knowing viewers would feel the same about the loss of the fan-favorite character, Sharon said she was “worried” while filming the scene where her character learns of his passing.

Knowing how important it was to sort everything out around Rey’s exit, the 51-year-old said she “had a lot of angst about doing the scene.”

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The soap star said she “had to guess” herself and the scene, whether it would be “good enough or real enough.”

She added, “We recorded the scene multiple times, so I had multiple shots of it.

“I did it a little differently each time, and I think the one that aired was the final take.

“While recording, I think I got a little more dramatic every time we played the scene.

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“I remember the final take, my whole face was swollen from crying and my eyes were red at the time, and that was the most dramatic take.”

Ultimately, fans praised her for bringing everything she had to her deeply emotional scene last week when she learned that Rey had died in the car crash.

After having to say goodbye to her co-star Jordi, Sharon admitted “it was difficult to shoot the last scene” she had with him.

She added, “It’s always very, very sad when someone leaves the show, especially when it’s someone you’ve worked with for years.”

Young and the Restless fans have known for weeks that Jordi was leaving the show, after revealing he was fired, but wondered how it would be written.

It all came to light last week, starting with Tuesday’s episode when Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) was in a car accident and fans started wondering if anyone else was involved.

The next show saw her knocked out in her car as it started up in flames, but she survived after Ashland Locke (Robert Newman), who happened to be driving behind her, pulled her out and knocked her out. saved.

At the very end of the episode, fans discovered that Rey was driving the other way and ended up being killed after crashing into a ditch.

Ashland shared the sad news with Victoria, telling her, “I checked the other car. He had gone into a ditch. It was much more damaged than either of ours.

She asked: “And the driver?”

“There was nothing I could do,” he told her sadly. “The other driver did not survive.”

Ashland then added, “I hate to be the one telling you this, but it was someone you know. Rey Rosales.

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The episode ended as she kept repeating to herself over and over, “Oh my God.”

Fans immediately took to Twitter to blast Y&R for not only killing off Rey, but for not even giving his character, and the actor portraying him, the decency to have him throughout. ‘episode.

Sharon admitted he was


Sharon admitted it was ‘difficult’ filming her final scenes with JordiCredit: Getty
She said it was 'very sad' to have to say goodbye to him as TV husband


She said it was ‘very sad’ to have to say goodbye to him as TV husbandCredit: Getty

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