The Young and the Restless Spoilers November 1 – 5, 2021


In the latest version of Young and restless spoilers from Monday November 1 to Friday November 5, as Victor and Ashley reflect on the happiness they experienced after their refusal, Nikki makes a decision that could have devastating consequences for her marriage. In other developments, Mariah has a confession to make to Tessa, Jack lets down hard love on Phyllis, Victoria worries that she will go from bride to widow in record time, and Billy and Lily receive a most welcome visitor. unexpected. Read on and we’ll get to the heart of the matter not only of these teasers, but more …

Tears and tissues alert! The heartbreaking death of The Station 19 and Grey’s Anatomy that will kill fans! Plus, a teaser photo from the next episode of Grey’s.

Young and restless spoilers week of November 1:

Holy Bip! We get a new soap full of big drama and even bigger hair! Find out why we’re so excited and when it’ll be featured inside.

Young and restless spoilers for Monday, November 1:

In Monday’s recap, Phyllis tells Nick it won’t work out between them, Sharon reaches out to Abby, Mariah worries and Adam lands in an awkward position!

If there is a “chance” that things will go well for Abby, this is it: Victor and Ashley are working together to help their daughter. And hey, it’s not like we haven’t done our part too. We’ve put together a full list of beautiful actors who could possibly star as her husband MIA.

The Mustache is not going to like this! Not at all ! When Nikki confides in someone about family matters, she chooses, above all, her husband’s nemesis – her former husband, Jack. Again, Victor is busy with his own ex, Ashley …

Once again, Nick and Phyllis dissect their relationship. At this point, haven’t they taken a closer look at it than any specimen in the lab? We could save them a lot of time by simply referring them to our practice-dandy “Phick” relationship timeline.

Melissa Ordway (Abby) shares her daughter’s recipe for a Halloween treat that’s sure to put a smile on your face… well, unless you hate bananas!

All the feasts, none of the stuff: celebrity kids in the cutest Halloween costumes of the year, including one that left Dad at a loss for words!

Young and restless spoilers for Tuesday, November 2:
Abby upsets Nate Y&R

In Tuesday’s recap, Mariah makes an amazing confession about Dominic, Ashley and Victor remember the past, and Abby seeks Chance in a dream!

Abby has a rude awakening, which seems to be one for us too. Is it possible – is it even conceivable – that Victor and Ashley won’t be able to fix everything for their daughter?

When a spoiler reads “Mariah is being honest with Tessa,” you just know trouble is brewing. Otherwise, it would be something more cheerful and less threatening, like “Mariah is having a delicious conversation with her girlfriend” or “This is chatter galore for ‘Teriah’. “

When Sharon shares a warm moment with Devon, will the topic be how overrated everything pumpkin and spice is this time of year? Or, more likely, their shared love and concern for Mariah. Uh, yeah, probably that second.

Looking back can be dangerous for a couple like Victor and Ashley, whose history is as passionate as it is charged. When exes remember their past, will it still make them regret what could have been? Could they even be tempted to revive their past… in the present?

The CBS favorite reveals behind-the-scenes secrets, whether she would return to soap operas, who “it was so fun to work with” and a big project ahead!

Young and restless spoilers for Wednesday, November 3:

Knowing perhaps that he’s one of the few people in the world who can tell it like Phyllis and live to tell the story, Jack gives his ex a big dose of hard love. Will her lawyer send her back to rush over to Nick with a new perspective on their long-awaited relationship?

Naturally, Victoria is worried about Ashland’s condition. Will he manage to give her the last gift he might want before it’s too late? Read why portrait painter Richard Burgi thinks it’s such an important gesture.

When a surprise guest arrives on Billy and Lily’s doorstep, you know who we hope it will be – although we doubt it will.

Christian Jules LeBlanc (Michael) solves a mystery that strikes near his home!

Young and restless spoilers for Thursday, November 4:

It’s a day of the week and everything Victor spends planning Billy’s downfall. We have to wonder what The Mustache will do for leisure if it really ruins Victoria’s ex. The Woodcraft ? We hear good things about Squid game if he needs a show to binge …

Although Nina returns home in chaos, could it be… good chaos? East is there such a thing?

Some people just don’t know when to go alone well enough. After Sutton presses Amanda’s buttons, will she find a way to channel her late sister and make her regret doing it?

Tired fans sent Young and restless a very strong message after * this * recent episode left them frustrated and rushed!

Young and restless spoilers for Friday, November 5:

Like anyone with half a brain would be, Nikki is wary of Adam’s change of mind. But could he be – gasp – sincere? If so, this could be the turning point he needs to reach for, oh, the ages in order to have a real, semi-healthy relationship with his whole family.

Let’s go. You knew these two couldn’t stay at odds forever. Of course, this does necessarily means that when Nick hands Victoria an olive branch, she will accept it. She could wait for a bigger and better olive branch.

From her lover’s yin to yang, Lily questions Billy’s tactics. But for what purpose? Does she really think he’s the kind of tiger who can change his stripes? (Because we don’t.)

Overview of November sweeps: Adam’s love life becomes more complicated, Billy risks losing everything and much more … not to mention our intrepid predictions!

– Candace Young / Charlie Mason

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