The Young and the Restless Spoilers May 30 – June 3, 2022

They are women, listen to them roar! In the latest from The young and the restless spoilers from Monday May 30 to Friday June 3, Sharon, Elena and Victoria all rule the roost. Also, Chance goes all-in, Phyllis says, “Whaaa?” and Victor goes to a new extreme in his attempt to escort Ashland right out of Genoa City. Read on for details on these teasers and more.

As the Daytime Emmys approach, get into the gold rush with a look back at 15 of the most memorable acceptance speeches of all time in Soaps’ newly expanded photo gallery.

Young and restless Spoilers week of May 30:

Y&R Rant without rest! Hot Topics: Phyllis’ hysteria will play *straight* into Diane’s hands, what’s next for Victor’s new ally Chelsea, trouble for Nate and Elena and more!

Young and restless Spoilers for Monday May 30:

In Monday’s recap, Sharon leaves for Ashland and Summer urges Kyle to take legal action after meeting her grandfather.

Victor has yet to encounter the truly immovable object. But Ashland turned out to be… mm… let’s say difficult. Not that The Mustache is deterred. Determined to remove the thorn from his side, he recruits a new ally in his plot against Victoria’s first husband to make Billy look tolerable in comparison.

Although Sharon received a devastating blow with Rey’s untimely and completely unexpected death, she still holds her own. With whom, anyway? Who would push the widow in her darkest hour?

We can only assume that Phyllis and Jack will come up with a winning idea when they strategize how to keep Summer and Kyle in town, despite the challenges the young couple face coping with not just the conundrum of Diane’s return to life. between the dead, but also the lying Ashland!

Young and restless Tuesday, May 31 spoilers:

In Tuesday’s recap, Elena has a bad dream, Amanda warns Imani, Nick helps Sharon and Diane confront Abby.
Diane Abby supports Y&R

Ah, it was only a matter of time once they started working together. Turns out it was also a matter of very little time. Already, Devon and Nate share a difference of opinion.

When Chance makes a promise, you can bet he intends to keep it. But is he making a wish that he doesn’t even realize he’s destined to break up?

We called him. As Sharon and Nick reminisce about their past, we have a feeling they’ll be just a kiss away from imagining a future together…just like we predicted long ago.

Young and restless spoilers for Wednesday, June 1:

When Victor breaks through enemy lines, which side will he be on? Will he call on long-time enemy Jack to eradicate Ashland from all their lives? Would the Dark Knight see Diane as a potentially useful tool in slaying the Locke Ness Monster?

Phyllis plays with her favorite game again as she plays with fire. It’s funny how no matter how many times she gets burned, she’s always sure she’s the one who can get away with it.

We are confident that Kyle will do the right thing when faced with an ethical dilemma. Well, unless that involves Mommie Dearest. Then our certainty becomes more of a probability that looks a lot like a mere possibility. Could Victor ask the Abbott heir to help him get rid of Ashland by joining forces?

As the new Hunter King movie debuts, Y&R the loss could be Hallmark’s gain — permanently — plus, photos of 10 potential men for the Emmy winner.

Young and restless Spoilers for Thursday June 2:

You have to get up pretty early in the morning to surprise Phyllis. So we have to wonder how Jack manages to catch Red off guard. Could he be ready to step on the gas for their new romance? If so, he might want to check out our photo gallery which first lines up and exposes all of “Phack’s” past missteps. (You can see it here.)

When Elena sends a message to Imani, we can only imagine it will be something like “Hands off!” Nate is mine! Done and done!” At least it should be!

Perhaps after reading about the terrible fate we fear for her (catch up here), Diane is keeping up appearances. But how long can the she-devil hold out before her horns knock off the halo she keeps trying to convince everyone belongs in her head?

Young and restless Friday, June 3 spoilers:

For what, the zillionth time? Victor issues an ultimatum to Ashland. Will it be the one that will finally make the Locke Ness monster quiver in his shoes? Maybe, if we’re right, his opponent is ready to use Harrison for leverage.

It should be funny, because every time Victoria asserts her independence, you know she takes no prisoners.

As Sharon and Nick begin to look more and more on the verge of being “Shick” again, relive their entire upside-down romance in our romance-infused photo gallery.

Join Soaps in paying tribute to the beloved daytime alumni we lost in the first half of 2022 in the photo gallery below.

—Candace Young/Charlie Mason

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