The Young and the Restless Spoilers March 14-18, 2022

In the latest spoilers from for The young and the restless From Monday, March 14 to Friday, March 18, as Victor’s battle against Ashland escalates, Nate finds himself facing judgment. Luckily, he happens to have someone on hand who can help him! Meanwhile, Nick teams up with his father to prove that two heads are better than one, Nikki hears her son-in-law’s perspective on Cancergate, and when Jack’s world is turned upside down, Phyllis is ready to help put him back together. in place. on its axis. Also, should we be as concerned about Michael as Lauren? Get the details on all those spoilers and more below…

Young and restless Friday, March 11 spoilers:

Aw, looks like our Jack is going to struggle emotionally because he’s haunted by his past. Will he manage to put behind him the specter of his deceased son and their difficult relationship?

When Amanda shares her worries with Devon, will the dorky billionaire listen to her advice? Or will his gut speak louder?

Oooh, that looks fun! Chelsea is playing with fire… which can only mean she’s flirting with the very married man of her recent dreams – Rey Rosales! I can’t wait for Sharon to get an idea of ​​what’s going on under her nose!

Young and restless Spoilers week of March 14:

Young and restless Spoilers for Monday March 14:

Everything he does is for his family – OK, and for the business he built from the ground up – so it’s no surprise that Victor goes to great lengths to protect Victoria. But can he really protect his daughter from the realities of the Locke Ness monster she married? Or will he soon realize that the bandage will have to be ripped off one day?

Victor’s wife has been skeptical of his investigation of their son-in-law from the start, so it’s entirely possible that Nikki will be persuaded when Ashland stands up to her.

Peter Bergman has warned that a shock awaits his Genoa City alter ego, and that’s exactly what Jack gets as his world is rocked to its core. I wonder if his surprise has anything to do with the mysterious new addition to town he calls home.

Young and restless Tuesday, March 15 spoilers:

Everyone is on deck to save the Newman Empire as Victor strategizes with Nick. Could it be that the Dark Knight has finally encountered an adversary in Ashland he cannot thwart?

Alongside Jack as always, Phyllis helps her ex with complicated family ties. Hey, we can help too – we’ve created a full photo album that reveals just how connected all of the Abbotts are, whether they like it or not!

The best blinders seem to come off as Nate sees a new side to Ashland. Will he turn against the man who offered him a prestigious job and took him to Tuscany to witness his wedding? Since the doctor is inherently good, we assume that he will do whatever he decides.

Young and restless Spoilers for Wednesday March 16:

Victor is taking all the help he can get in this particular battle! But when he receives ammunition against Ashland, will that be enough to keep the company he created from scratch in Newman’s hands? Couldn’t he just throw some money at the problem? According to our rundown of the richest families of the day, he certainly has enough to do it!

Still figuring out his next move, Nate gets much-needed help when Elena helps pass judgment.

Whoops! Victor may find himself in the hot seat after Lauren learns some disturbing news about Michael. She may be beautiful and small, but she is do not a woman you want to flirt with!

Young and restless Spoilers for Thursday March 17:

Due to CBS Sports coverage of NCAA basketball, Young and restless will be preempted. You can still refuel, via a photo-filled walk down Memory Lane, from the show’s premiere until today.

Young and restless Friday, March 18 spoilers:

Due to CBS Sports coverage of NCAA basketball, Young and restless will be preempted. To hold you over until the next new episode, check out our stunning photo gallery of the 2022 show’s cast.

—Candace Young/Charlie Mason

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