The Young and the Restless Spoilers June 28 – July 2, 2021



In the latest version of Young and restless spoilers from Monday June 28 to Friday July 2, Jack tries to brake when Billy rushes into action, Victoria bumps into her parents, Amanda bumps into a family member and Tara prepares her seduction of Kyle. Read on for all the tea …

All Day Daytime Emmys: Additional lineup and a virtual ticket to the ceremony that is truly, um, worthy of a prize!

Young and restless spoilers for Friday June 25:

Nothing can prepare Lauren for what’s to come. When someone is caught off guard, how will they react?

Abby is about to be bowled over by an unexpected return. Apparently she hasn’t read our recent article on the returning character!

Kyle must be in pretty dire straits if he asks Summer’s mom, Phyllis for help. Will she come for her future son-in-law?

In a new candid interview, Christian Jules LeBlanc (Michael) shares how homophobia affects him even in 2021, to the point that he will not hold her husband’s hand in public.

Young and restless spoilers week of June 28:

Young and restless spoilers for Monday June 28:

Sally gets some startling news today, and we can’t help but wonder if this has to do with her plot to get rid of Summer. Will she learn that it is a glitch … or that it is a huge success and that she is considered as the successor of her rival at JCV ?!

When Summer asks Billy a favor, will it involve digging up dirt from a certain member of the Locke family? After all, shake the skeletons in people’s closets possesses in a way becomes its raison d’être. Plus, he owes one to Summer. You know, because of the sexual revenge. Uh-huh.

We don’t know who Kyle will fight with, but it looks like they’re about to get terribly frustrated when he refuses to back down. I have to say this for Jack’s son: he has the spirit of his pop.

Young and restless spoilers for Tuesday, June 29:

When Victor makes Adam an offer he can’t refuse, will it mean taking on a new role at Newman Enterprises? This certainly would throw a huge wrench into Victoria’s secret plans to merge with Ashland!

Here we go again! What The Newman hopes to accomplish by cornering her stubborn and intelligent offspring we can’t imagine, but watch for the tensions that build when Nikki burns Victoria.

Nothing new here as Billy has been bustling all over Genoa City ever since he teamed up with Lily at Chance Comm. But this time, when he fishes for a scoop, will it have to do with Summer’s request for a favor? If so, will he find any useful information?

Young and restless spoilers for Wednesday June 30:

Okay this it should be good ! It’s clear the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, so it’s bound to be a showdown for the record books when Amanda challenges her assertive and stubborn grandfather, Sutton.

Victor was Devon’s mentor back when he was still a struggling teenager, so it’s no surprise that The Mustache is the person Katherine’s grandson turns to when he needs help. a confidant. Will he discuss Amanda’s predicament or a case?

It is practice makes perfect! Wait for Jack to take action to keep Billy online. The question is, will Patriarch Abbott’s efforts be enough to curb his stubborn brother?

Young and restless spoilers for Thursday, July 1:

Has the omniscient Victor Newman heard of Victoria’s grand plans for the business he “built from scratch”? It is certainly possible because Something leads the father and daughter to engage in a terrible confrontation.

As some know well, all the things a little uncomfortable when you’re in your third trimester, but how will Mariah behave when she has an embarrassing encounter? And who will be on the other side of the uncomfortable exchange with the surrogate-to-be?

The words “tenacious,” “persistent” and even “relentless” come to mind when we think of Sally issuing another invitation to Jack, who made it clear that he was not interested in buying what. she was selling. Thanks for trying, Sally!

Young and restless spoilers for Friday, July 2:

As Tara tries to further her plot to get Kyle to fall in love with her again, wait for her to take the unwitting young man on a walk down memory lane.

It was an interesting twist for Lily to not only sign on to Billy’s latest inquiries, but to join them. And it looks like the trend will continue as living lovers mix business and pleasure again.

It is indeed curious that after an altercation with her father, Victoria suddenly has news of Ashland. Will their fusion plans advance at full speed or will they be completely derailed?!?

– Candace Young / Charlie Mason


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