The Young and the Restless Spoilers from January 17 to 21, 2022.

In the latest from Young and restless spoilers from Monday January 17 to Friday January 21, Victor takes a New fight with the help of old friend who may be up for a challenge in light of his recent life-altering decision (yes, that’s Michael!). In other developments, Mariah jumps on a controversial bandwagon, and the Billy and Adam saga takes a more unexpected turn! Read on to find out who will receive a painful reminder of the past, and who targets Chelsea as she plots and intrigues once again…

Young and restless spoilers week of January 17:

Y&R Rant without rest! Hot topics: Billy and Adam shocker ahead! Plus, the battle lines drawn in Devon legal drama, Chelsea/Sally, new romance. Also Nick’s birthday, Michael’s episode and more!

Young and restless Spoilers for Monday January 17:

Just when Michael was wondering how he would spend his retirement years, Victor takes on the challenge of his life. There’s no doubt this duo will prevail when The Mustache recruits his former attorney to help protect Newman’s legacy.

When Devon shares his worries about Chance, will he gain a new ally in his attempt to protect the child he loves by seeking joint custody? Or will the person he opens up to be the one who can finally convince him that the Chancellor heir is stable enough to raise little Dom?

We predicted a rematch between Adam and Victoria when Billy dropped out of the equation, and it looks like we were on the right track. Will the bad blood between the half-siblings return to the surface when the head of Newman Media questions his sister’s motives?

Y&R alum Emme Rylan has reason to be excited and exclaims, “It feels so good to be back on set!”

Young and restless spoilers for Tuesday, January 18:

It’s time for these two *new* characters to shake up the Y&R canvas. Find out who could reset Billy and totally upset Victoria and Ashland!

Oh wow… It looks like it could be the beginning of the end of Victoria’s love affair of the century when Nikki catches Ashland in a compromising position. Will he be with another woman – or more likely, will he be caught conspiring against the Newmans in the corporate sense?

Well, we’ve had our answer to Devon’s question about gaining an ally… It looks like the Baby Chancellor Crew will be really split when Mariah strategizes with her boyfriend and billionaire ex.

Still struggling to get over their latest breakup, Phyllis receives a painful reminder from Nick. Will this be the catalyst that finally launches her into the pursuit of a full reconciliation with Jack? Or could we be about to get the return of an old flame that we would like to see rekindled?

Young and restless Spoilers for Wednesday January 19:

File this under things we never thought we’d see or hear about! It seems like hell has frozen over and the world has tilted on its axis as Billy makes a deal with Adam. Dang, it was even weird to type! (Perhaps we won’t have to add them to our countdown of the greatest male soap feuds of all time after all.)

Well, here comes a shocker…Chelsea is plotting against Sally. While it might seem counter-intuitive to the health of their fashion platform, we’d be lying if we didn’t say we saw this coming a mile away. After all, the redhead claimed she wasn’t interested in suing Adam, but her ex’s BS-o-meter would have almost certainly determined that. this is a lie.

So running Chancellor Industries wasn’t enough?!? We can’t imagine what else Lily might have time for, but she has to change her schedule as she prepares to embark on a new endeavor.

Young and restless Spoilers for Thursday January 20:

It seems she has nothing left to prove to her partner, but nevertheless, Tessa does everything to impress Mariah. Will his grand gesture elicit the desired reaction from his beloved?

As her problems mount, Abby turns to Christine for advice. Will the experienced blonde have any useful information to share regarding her partner’s PTSD? Given that Conner Floyd predicted the difficulties ahead for Chance, it doesn’t look good.

When Noah sets the record straight with Nick, we have to wonder if he’ll turn down New Hope’s job offer in favor of working for Adam at Newman Media. Will his father’s nose be out of whack or will he understand his son’s desire to chart his own course?

Young and restless Friday, January 21 spoilers:

Woe to the target when Victor launches a plan of attack. Can the man who built his empire from the ground up save his legacy and defeat another enemy? We assume he can do it with one eye closed and one hand tied behind his back, but we’d love to see him in action, anyway.

When Michael leaves Lauren hanging, she’s likely kept in the dark about his and Victor’s strategy. But how will the fiery redhead deal with being left out, let alone having her husband’s retirement plans so completely derailed?

It sure looks like things are going to get worse when Abby makes a big decision. What steps will the blonde take and how will the people around her react? Shouldn’t we add a happy chapter in our epic recap of her romance with Chance?

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—Candace Young/Charlie Mason

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