The Young and the Restless Spoilers from February 7 to 11, 2022

In the latest from Young and restless Spoilers Monday, February 7 through Friday, February 11, it’s a big week for drama as Victor manages to corner the legendary Locke Ness Monster, who is then forced to confess to his wife. Chelsea gets a huge red flag, Abby and Devon face a crisis, and Chance suffers a setback. (Wait, another one a?) Fortunately, it is Also a week to celebrate love, with a surprise Valentine’s Day on the program for one lucky woman and romance on the program for another…

Young and restless Spoilers for Friday, February 4:

They’ve already discussed the possibility of a destination wedding in the spring, but before planning, Mariah and Tessa take the time to celebrate their engagement.

When Noah puts his best foot forward, we can only assume that means he’ll have his best behavior at his sister’s engagement party. But will he make it through the night without making sweet eyes at Tessa or going out early to drown his sorrows?

When Abby and Chance are challenged as parents, will they turn to Devon when they need him? They could do worse. A quick review of his history via our photo gallery will reveal that he has always been a well-made guy. Well, mostly.

As Black History Month begins, we salute some of the most important African American figures of all time with a gallery of highlights and photos!

Young and restless spoilers week of February 7:

Young and restless Spoilers for Monday February 7:

When Adam takes matters into his own hands, is this the first sign that, following Victor’s latest manipulations, we are witnessing the return of the bad Adam?

While Sally has an undisputed knack for being her own worst enemy – see the A-Z exhibits in our facepalm-inducing photo gallery – we also think it’s high time for her to have the last laugh. When she finally does, will it be her rival Chelsea who will be left with a frown?

In the aftermath of Mariah and Tessa’s engagement party, Nick and Sharon struggle to help Noah. Will their efforts to help their heartbroken son bring the exes closer together? “Shick” always seems to find their way back together!

Relive the shocking moment when Jack did the unthinkable: he had the last laugh on Victor!

Young and restless Spoilers for Tuesday, February 8:

The last few years have been tough for Jack, who just hasn’t been his “old smile”. When the eldest Abbott sibling finds himself at a crossroads, will it finally be the time when his fortunes turn around? We can only hope so! (As you may have read, we weren’t too fond of the show’s handling of the character.)

Now, here’s a dynamic duo if we’ve ever seen one! When Lauren and Amanda go fishing for information, what or who will their investigation focus on?

We don’t like to hear that Devon and Abby will receive any disturbing news, because it can only mean that something is wrong with baby Dominic. Unless it’s Chance, who is still struggling despite her best intentions. What crisis will bring the besties together?

The battle behind the scenes of a Y&R the boss fought and lost – and why could he have been right!

Young and restless Wednesday, February 9 spoilers:

Was there ever any doubt? The Mustache has had a suspicious eye on Ashland for some time now, and thanks to Victor’s plot to set an inescapable trap for his son-in-law, he manages to corner him in his entrenchments. Will the Locke Ness Monster come out in battle?

Whatever happens, today marks the debut of Robert Newman (Josh guiding light) as Ashland. But you can catch a glimpse of him in action here.

Women helping businesswomen — we love to see it! But what helpful advice will Nikki give Lily when she steers the new CEO of Chancellor Industries in the right direction?

Uh-oh, let the sibling wars begin, as Victoria puts Adam in his place. How will young Newman react to his sister’s punishment? We’re a little nervous to find out!

Young and restless Spoilers for Thursday, February 10:

It’s intriguing to hear that Billy will step out of his comfort zone, but we have to wonder if he’ll be testing new waters in business or at home with Lily.

When Abby’s husband suffers another setback, will he finally seek help? If so, might Sharon be able to provide some advice, or would her involvement just cause further complications for Chance and Abby?

Looks like danger is brewing when Chelsea have an unexpected awakening. Will this turn serve to send the fashionista down a totally different path in her life, perhaps away from the drama involving Adam and Sally? Or will the epiphany be short-lived?

Young and restless Friday, February 11 spoilers:

With Valentine’s Day on the calendar, Victor and Nikki make time for romance. Will the corporate actor and family patriarch wine and dine his longtime sweetheart at the ranch or in town?

On lovers’ day, Billy surprises Lily. Does it have something to do with him stepping out of his comfort zone before? We come have wonder!

It doesn’t look like a much-loved day for Ashland, as he is forced to tell the truth with Victoria. We’ve seen this play out before and have to wonder if confession will amount to yet another manipulation – and for that matter, if it’s the beginning of the end for this power couple. If so, let’s take comfort where we can from our memories of “Ashtoria” as they were in our love story photo album.

Celebrate Black History Month with our photo gallery of some of the most unforgettable African American characters from soap operas, Young and restless‘ Tyrone Jackson to the late great Neil Winters.

—Candace Young/Charlie Mason

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