The Young and the Restless Spoilers from February 14 to 18, 2022

Love is in the air, according to the latest from Young and restless spoilers from Monday February 14th to Friday February 18th – but not necessarily of the romance genre. Although couples like Adam and Sally, and Mariah and Tessa make time to canoodle, Lauren indulges in her love of living dangerously, Victoria revels in her love of corporate combat, and Victor celebrates his love of taking the over on an opponent – in this case, new son-in-law Ashland. Meanwhile, Abby learns she has another one – yes, another one – reason to cry, and Nikki becomes the focus of her son Nick’s concerns. And if you read on, we’ll go over all the details of those spoilers and more…

Young and restless Friday, February 11 spoilers:

With Valentine’s Day on the calendar, Victor and Nikki make time for romance. Will the corporate actor and family patriarch wine and dine his longtime sweetheart at the ranch or in town?

On lovers’ day, Billy surprises Lily. Does it have something to do with him stepping out of his comfort zone before? We come have wonder!

It doesn’t look like a much-loved day for Ashland, as he is forced to tell the truth with Victoria. We’ve seen this play out before and have to wonder if confession will amount to yet another manipulation – and for that matter, if it’s the beginning of the end for this power couple. If so, let’s take comfort where we can in our memories of “Ashtoria” as they were in our photo album of their love story.

Young and restless spoilers week of February 14:

Young and restless Spoilers for Monday February 14:

Props to Cupid on his goal! On Valentine’s Day, Adam and his new COO Sally mix business and pleasure. What shade of red will Genoa City’s new power couple paint the town?

When Sharon and Rey play matchmaker, could they try to set Noah up with someone who can make him forget about his past relationship issues – and his unhealthy fixation with Tessa? If they need suggestions, we have the perfect young lady in mind, who you might remember from Bold and beautiful. See our selection here.

As they look forward to getting married and starting a family together, Mariah and Tessa find time for romance. Which is pretty easy now, but wait until there are kids around. It is when it gets complicated!

Young and restless Spoilers for Tuesday, February 15:

When Amanda receives an intriguing invitation, will it be from handsome billionaire Devon…or someone else? And will this be the kind of offer she can’t refuse?

Maybe Lily was on to something when she wondered if Billy would agree to be her second-in-command in the company he hoped to lead. As he struggles with his new role, the couple could be heading for a tough time.

It’s one thing after another for poor and beleaguered Abby, who discovers that Chance is keeping secrets. Dude, review your story. To keep secrets never worked for you? As you will see in our photo album of his life and times, no. Simply not.

Young and restless Spoilers for Wednesday February 16:

Maybe it was part of his master plan when he sold Newman Media to Victoria? Victor recruits Adam to gather information on Ashland. Makes you kinda wish Paul Williams still had his private detective agency, doesn’t it?

What could happen when Nick worries about Nikki – the person who perpetually cares for everyone and tries to keep the peace?

We feel sorry for the poor soul who is ready to beat when Victoria decides to play hardball. Big business bigwigs are more likely to hit their target than hit it!

Young and restless Spoilers for Thursday, February 17:

When Jack receives a confusing message, could it be from Phyllis, who seems very confused about her and them’s current position?

Considering Lauren’s making a risky decision, we suspect it could have to do with going back to business with Chelsea, the notorious con man who scammed her before fleeing Genoa City the last time they worked together. Do the words “once bitten, twice shy” mean anything to redheads?

Phyllis arrives home with a mystery, which is intriguing, considering Jack is also grappling with an enigma of some kind. Could the two instances be connected? We would bet on it.

Young and restless Spoilers for Friday February 18:

When Michael shares damaging information with Victor, it certainly sounds like the bombshell on Ashland we predicted. But what exactly is the dirt he brings back on Locke, and how big the fallout will be remains to be seen!

Will marriage, kids, or a breakup be on the agenda when Nate and Elena discuss their future?

Looks like these kids are making it official! When Adam and Sally define their relationship, what kind of reaction will she get from her family, the Newman-Locke staff and, of course, Chelsea?!

A list you will have never finding Adam and Sally on is our roundup of forced couples — couples who never quite worked out but whose shows have worked overtime to convince us to love. See which duos made that unfortunate cut, from Young and restless and all shows, in the photo gallery below.

—Candace Young/Charlie Mason

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