The Young and the Restless Spoilers February 28 — March 4, 2022

It will become intense, and we are here… for… that. In the latest spoilers from for The young and the restless From Monday, February 28 to Friday, March 4, Victoria takes a bet that’s sure to surprise Dad, Victor pulls off a threat (which is going to be very, very bad for Ashland!), and Sharon and Phyllis take turns dropping truth bombs. about their exes. Plus, Michael is so in over his head that Lauren fears he’ll lose him! Get all the details on these teases and more below…

Young and restless spoilers week of February 28:

Young and restless Spoilers for Monday February 28:

As Lily calls a meeting of minds, it could include anyone from Devon to Nikki who has so kindly shared words of wisdom and advice on the new career path she’s embarked on. The question is, are the problems facing Neil’s daughter related to Chancellor Industries…or is it a family affair?

Let the fireworks begin! Amanda and Imani share a difference of opinion, which we all know will be, ahem, fiery to exchange. Will these two determined and determined sisters manage to find a compromise?

Jill offers words of wisdom, and it may be Lily who gets the valuable advice. We have a feeling Billy’s significant other will take care of whatever she’s dealing with in a New York minute, as her confidence in her new position only grows.

Young and restless Spoilers for Tuesday, March 1:

Victor’s quest to protect his empire becomes even more of a family affair when he tests Nick’s loyalty. Will the son who wants nothing to do with the corporate intrigue always succeed for his father when it matters most?

In the wake of the shocking news he and Phyllis uncover, Jack calls a family reunion. Will it be related to the heartbreaking update on Keemo? And in case you’re still confused about where the character fits into the grand scheme of things, let our photo-filled preview of the Abbott family tree fill you in.

When Nikki questions Victoria’s decision-making, will it make the headstrong CEO think twice – and maybe change course? Or will she go ahead with her plans despite her mother’s word to the wise?

Young and restless spoilers for Wednesday March 2:

The brewing battle between two titans of industry comes to a head when Victor gives Ashland an ultimatum. Will the Locke Ness monster bend to the will of the dark knight to save his marriage?

How Victor doesn’t have enough problems! Things under Newman’s umbrella range from tense to, well, way more tense when Adam gets tangled up with Victoria. As they go head-to-head, which of the brothers will come out the, ahem, winner?

She is so adorable! Tessa provides Mariah with a much-needed distraction…but we have to wonder why the redhead desperately needs a diversion in the first place. Too much wedding planning?

Young and restless Spoilers for Thursday March 3:

It could be a dark day for Ashland Locke when Victor follows through on a threat. What do we say? could to be?!? Ha! It’s destined to be a day that lives in infamy – and a day that Ashland will regret for the rest of her life.

Unsurprisingly, since he’s been so dedicated from the start, Devon is protecting Dominic’s best interests. But will the move he makes leave anyone else’s nose out of place?

In a twist Victor may not have anticipated – oh, who are we kidding; he’s still 10 steps ahead — Victoria makes a dangerous decision. The question is, what will be the nature of the threat against her as she takes such a risk?

Young and restless Spoilers for Friday, March 4:

Red to the rescue! In a move that’s sort of her specialty, Phyllis gives Jack some tough love. Will this be enough to get him out of the spiral in which he no doubt found himself?

When Sharon gives Nick a warning, it will almost certainly involve the slippery slope of going too deep into her family’s problems. After all, isn’t it always?

The game continues as Victor plots his next move, and we have to wonder if he’s finally encountered an opponent in Ashland Locke that he can’t outsmart. Silly us, of course he didn’t.

In the meantime, what does the recent Ashland reveal say to “Ashtoria” fans? We have a feeling that we know, and we don’t like it too much. Our interpretation here.

Young and restless spoilers week of March 7:

Young and restless Spoilers for Monday, March 7:

Push comes to push – we hope not literally! — as Ashland calls Victor’s bluff. Since we’ve never seen an ultimatum that the Mustache would shy away from, we expect this to lead to a dramatic outcome.

Working through the pain, Jack shares his regrets with Phyllis. We can’t help but think that these two kids will hold hands when the Abbott heir’s emotional roller coaster comes to an end.

Oh oh. Confirming her worst fears about her husband returning to work for Victor, Lauren finds herself in the position of having to worry about Michael’s safety.

As Victor and Ashland square off, we’re going to have to consider adding them to our countdown of the fiercest feuds ever (male division). See who has already made the list via the photo gallery below.

—Candace Young/Charlie Mason

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