The Young and the Restless Spoilers August 9 – 13, 2021


In the latest version of Young and restless spoilers for Monday August 6 through Friday August 13, Victor and Nikki are struck by surprising news, Summer stuns her parents, Jack and Ashland go head-to-head and Kevin’s Spidey – or should we say chipmunk? – the senses are in turmoil when it comes to Adam. Read on for a sneak peek of all the drama to come.

Young and restless spoilers for Friday August 6:

Victor surprises someone with a new business proposition, and we have to wonder if it will be Victoria. His recent decision to protect her from an attack from Adam may indicate he’s ready to mend the barriers with his stubborn daughter.

Juicy! Phyllis has clearly made Nick aware of her suspicions about Tara and Sally, as together they plan the final dismantling of the ploy team. It’s time to add another chapter to the tumultuous love story of “Phick” (told here in photos).

When Kyle makes a bold move, will Tara’s house of cards eventually fall apart? If so, what revelations will be revealed? And what about Summer and Kyle’s doomed engagement? Could they really get their happiness forever?

Young and restless spoilers week of August 9:

Young and restless spoilers for Monday August 9:

When Victoria shares surprising news with Victor and Nikki, we’re willing to bet that she’ll tell them that she’s getting married to Ashland Locke… or that they already have!

Summer catches Nick and Phyllis off guard, which could means she unexpectedly returns to Genoa City. Maybe to get her man, Kyle, back and explain her decision to flee? If so, could we be right about Young and restless’ end of game for Skyle?

Amanda sets the record straight with Naya, who will leave the ball in her mother’s court when it comes to how they move forward. Will Devon’s girlfriend ever get the close relationship with her birth mother she so desperately hoped for?

Young and restless spoilers for Tuesday, August 10:

Victor makes Victoria a surprising offer, which could mark a special father and daughter moment, and knowing these two will have to do with the family business. (Do they ever bond with anything else?)

Did Chloe sing the praises of her nemesis at home? It’s safe to say that’s a possibility when Kevin is suspicious of Adam’s reform. We have to ask ourselves if Kevin, like us, feels that Chloe and Adam are on a sexual collision course.

When Jack engages in a power struggle with Ashland, will it be for business or for Harrison? After all, the little boy could be left out after Tara’s machinations were revealed.

Young and restless spoilers for Wednesday 11 August:

Jack sympathizes with Phyllis, but will he eat crow too? She spent weeks trying to tell him that Tara and Sally had been manipulating Summer, and he would not to listen!

When Chelsea test the waters with Adam, do they hope to let the past be over and come together? Hmm… these are great times. Would Adam be tempted to rekindle the flame with the woman who came so close to successfully flanking him for poisoning Rey and sending him to life in prison?

The mystery surrounding Mariah’s disappearance and continued absence deepens when Abby receives a cryptic message from her surrogate mother. Will that be enough clues that Mariah is finally found?

Young and restless spoilers for Thursday, August 12:

As busy doctors, Nate and Elena struggle to find a balance in their relationship. Will their inability to get on the same page leave an opening for a certain person to make inroads with the handsome Dr. Hastings? Yes, we also think of Imani.

Watch Billy and Lily to face an ethical dilemma. We know how Billy typically approaches these matters, but will Lily be willing to take a bet? Or maybe she’ll lead the charge to cover their tracks? Billy Boy’s devilish attitude seems to have rubbed off on her.

Young and restless spoilers for Friday August 13:

Always the protective father and A cunning businessman, Victor questions Ashland about his intentions. Will he get sincere answers, or is Locke Ness’ monster snowing everyone up as he works on a revenge ploy?

We thought the situation was serious last week when Jack warned Sharon that he was going to have to replace Mariah at work to be absent and Tessa appealed for an assist. Finally, Sharon asks Rey to help her find her daughter. Can the detective find the missing mother-to-be? While he’s trying, browse a photo gallery that revisits Camryn Grimes’ entire run on Young and restless.

– Candace Young / Charlie Mason

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