The Young and the Restless Spoilers August 30 – September 3, 2021



In the latest version of Young and restless spoilers for Monday August 30 through Friday September 3, Devon and Amanda play the half truth of Truth and Dare, Victor sets his sights on a familiar target, Billy lands in the hot seat again and the Cold War between Phyllis and Sally becomes even more so glacial. Take a sweater and read on for all the details …

Young and restless spoilers for Friday August 27:

In Friday’s recap, Abby and Devon give birth to Baby Chancellor after Stitch collapses and confesses!

Oh… that can’t be good, can it? Abby takes matters into her own hands – which makes us wonder if this plot is, in fact, going to make ‘materials’ into one whole. parcel worse! Rest, Abby! To resign!

When Devon makes a shocking discovery, we cross our fingers and toes to find poor pregnant Mariah, who has been locked in this room talking to Bowie for what seems like weeks now! Give a girl a break!

Young and restless spoilers week of August 30:

Y&R Restless rant! The kidnapping of Mariah was meaningless and the labor and delivery was (perhaps unintentionally) hilarious! Besides, Ashland’s Sugar Mama may be on canvas and Sally is restless again…

In the weekly Young and restless spoiler video, Nick confronts Phyllis about her feelings about Jack!

In a second Young and restless preview, Phyllis and Sally engage in a public fight at the Newman Media launch party!

Young and restless spoilers for Monday August 30:
Warning from Sally with a smirk from Phyllis Y&R

In Monday’s recap, Phyllis warns Sally to stay away from Nick after questioning her, Tessa has reunited with Mariah, and Adam issues an invite.

Dear old daddy! We have no idea why Abby didn’t turn to Victor for help when Mariah first went missing, but now that things have come to a head, rest assured he’s here. to help his and Ashley’s daughter through The Case of the Missing Surrogate.

If we were her, we would want to find some of our other clothes. But as Mariah’s captivity continues, the one-size-fits-all wonder instead longs to find Tessa’s true love.

When Nick surprises Phyllis with tough questions, we have to wonder if Sally managed to sow the doubt she was trying to sow when she mentioned that her nemesis has been spending a lot of time lately with her ex-husband Jack.

Were you a fan of Dru and Olivia? Are you a fan of Amanda and Elena? You might not even know the name of the woman you need to thank for paving the way that led to their creation. Read our tribute as the day mourns the death of the first black actress to ever sign a contract.

Surprise! Young and restless brings back Hunter King and Michael Mealor as Summer and Kyle!

Young and restless spoilers for Tuesday, August 31:
Victoria confronts Lily Y&R

In Tuesday’s recap, Mariah admits she has trouble letting go of the baby, Ashland needs help, and Victoria confronts Lily.

We can’t fault Victor for being skeptical of Billy’s intentions – especially if, as we suspect, the “intentions” in question have to do with Victoria and Ashland’s impending nuptials. The question is whether The Mustache will let Billy Boy Abbott continue or will he end his shenanigans?

When Elena considers a new professional opportunity, she may consider becoming the new face of Ask MD Now at Lily’s request. And that’s a beautiful face! It could also be a good thing for Elena personally, given that the Doctor’s boyfriend, Nate, is now her boss at Memorial. Maybe that’s part of the reason he suggested Lily hire him to replace her?

This isn’t the first time these two have faced each other, and it probably won’t be the last! However, we have to ask ourselves under what circumstances this time around Lily finds herself in a stalemate with Victoria. Sure, we think, “What has Billy done now?” “

Chesapeake Ribs teasers: Jess and David go in search of a mythical creature. Plus, Mick and Thomas recreate a memory from the past!

Young and restless spoilers for Wednesday, September 1:

The Young and restless twist * everyone * saw it coming – what happens next with Abby and Mariah will be heartbreaking!

No one can say that Adam doesn’t know how to make an entrance! But who is the surprise guest he’s bringing to the Newman Media party? And could she be the next woman added to our Newman heir love photo gallery?

When Nick is forced to defend himself to Victoria, will she have discovered that her favorite brother was the one who made Victor dig into Ashland’s past? More importantly, will she accept his explanation and forgive him? We hate it when these clans are on the alert!

Nothing new to see here! Victor prepares for battle with Billy, but will the competition be personal or professional? Oh, who are we kidding – this is always personal between these two, even when it’s also professional!

Young and restless spoilers for Thursday, September 2:

As far as Billy is concerned, that could mean anything. When he is caught in a compromising position, does that mean that Victor has already got the better of him? He wouldn’t move away from Lily… would he?

Ooo, that sounds intriguing. When Amanda and Devon exchange secrets, we have to wonder if they will get so outspoken that their revelations will test their newfound love.

When Phyllis’ feud with Sally takes a frightening turn, we have to ask ourselves how worried we should be for the redhead. After all, once upon a time there was Summer’s mother who tried to send enemies like Christine to the morgue!

Speaking of villainy, this is a classic villain who made his debut Young and restless about to meet their creator? Here’s why we think so – and the answer to the potential whodunit question.

Young and restless spoilers for Friday, September 3:

There have been times – and many of them – where we thought a day like this would never come, because on that subject Victor and Adam share their plans for the future of Newman Media. Which to these two counts as an extreme father / son bond.

When Mariah is haunted by her past, it probably means the poor thing will have flashbacks of being locked in that horrible room with only Bowie to talk to and pregnancy protein bars to chew on. How will the beleaguered surrogate overcome the ordeal to get her life back? Maybe it would help if she browsed our photo gallery of other less claustrophobic moments in Camryn Grimes’ run on the show.

The young and the restless would not… would have this?!? Read what a legendary elder has to say about the delightful possibilities of resurrecting his infamous character to once again set foot in the city of Genoa.

– Candace Young / Charlie Mason


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