The Young and the Restless Spoilers August 1-5, 2022

In the latest from The young and the restless spoilers from Monday August 1st to Friday August 5th, Victor has his hands full to take care of not one but two of his descendants, Diane opens up to someone not so unexpected, two high profile executives meet sulk, a pair of lovebirds get into an argument, and Abby’s husband discovers something seriously disturbing only to later be caught in a compromising position! Get the details on all these teasers and more below.

Young and restless spoilers week of August 1:

Y&R Rant without rest! Cover: Victor’s Role in Ashland’s Death – Plus, Phyllis takes a huge risk to beat Diane, Sally’s new love triangle, MIA characters and more.

Young and restless Spoilers for Monday August 1:

In Monday’s recap, Tessa faces a post-op challenge, Devon chews on Nate, Elena returns, and Phyllis throws herself with Diane and Jack into the park!

Pass the popcorn, please! Phyllis confronts Jack with reality. It doesn’t matter what particular bee he has in his bonnet this time, we can’t wait to hear what Red’s two cents will be. You to know she will bring her ex-husband to light!

Aw, Such a Good Wife: Mariah supports Tessa through her recovery. We cross our fingers and toes so that the voice of our favorite singer comes out stronger than ever from this ordeal.

We can’t say we haven’t seen this coming after their ever so polite “disagreement” regarding the launch: a power struggle ensues between Devon and Nate. Will the cousins ​​be able to get along, or is there big trouble ahead for Chancellor-Winters?!?

We don’t cry, you cry… Shed tears of laughter as you watch Young and restless the Hunter King alum’s loving and funny tribute to a special person in his life.

Young and restless Spoilers for Tuesday, August 2:

In Tuesday’s recap, Victor warns Adam, Sally questions Nick, and Kevin brings Chance new evidence.
Kevin phone Y&R

Young and restless backfire ?!? Phyllis’ risky move could play *right* into Diane’s hands!

At this point we are positive that Adam takes these conversations with a grain of salt, but nonetheless, Victor once again warns the black sheep of the family. Rhetorical question: what more can Pop threaten him with?

Jeez, shouldn’t these two kids be doing something fun like young people do? Are there no bowling alleys in Genoa City? There is no miniature golf? Instead of hanging out and having a good time, Noah and Allie debate family matters…which is inevitable, we suppose, when an Abbott is dating a Newman.

Uh. If there is indeed a cover-up of Ashland’s death, we have bad news for the culprit: Chance and Kevin uncover some disturbing evidence. (Read Candace’s theory here.)

Chesapeake ribs Sneak peek: David’s dad resurfaces — and what Dennis Peck reveals leaves Jess and her husband more confused than ever!

Young and restless Spoilers for Wednesday August 3:

In Wednesday’s recap, Nick leaves the ball in Sally’s court, Phyllis stuns Summer and Devon tangos with a moody Nate.
Angry Nate Y&R

Young and restless Mind-Bender! Who plays Trevor St. John on Y&R?

As she has done so many times in the past, Phyllis is taking a big risk. Will this particular bet pay off or will it come back to bite her in the ass?!?

Sally gives Nick the third degree. The Spectra could soon give the handsome Newman much more than that if our prediction of a new love triangle turns out to be correct!

We feel that it will only be temporary, but so much the better for her! Amanda keeps the peace between Devon and Nate…for now.

Young and restless Spoilers for Thursday August 4:

In Thursday’s recap, Victor tells Nick the truth about Ashland’s death, Kevin gives Chance new advice, Sally bumps into Adam, and Ashley exposes Phyllis and Nikki’s plan!
Ashley horrible idea Y&R

It looks like Victor has a full-time job keeping his sons in line this week as, after dealing with Adam, Mustache finds a reason to hand Nick an ultimatum. Theoretically, that would make Victoria and Abby the next to get blown up, right?

Here we are! Diane opens up to Jack, who we all know will fall hook, line and sinker for his schtick…and ultimately straight into the arms of his crafty ex! Just another reason why we have two words for Phyllis. (Read them here.)

It was leap be a bumpy ride: Ashley questions her alliance with Nikki and Phyllis. Will she give up the game or decide she’s in it to win the prize? Which, of course, is a one-way trip out of town for Diane.

A Genoa City murder investigation is an open invitation to bring back a classic character – but there’s a “but”.

Young and restless Spoilers for Friday August 5:

Breakup! Big news for Outlander fans, plus Season 7 spoilers!

Calling all “Shick” fans! Your couple will inevitably grow closer when Nick shares a secret with Sharon.

Billy takes a well traveled road when he comforts Victoria. The question is, will he walk alone when Lily finds out what he’s done?

Are we about to have a flat drama…or is this teaser work related? We’ll have to tune in to find out as Abby catches Chance in a compromising position.

Take a look at our full list of potential love interests for Trevor St. John as he joins Young and restless in the gallery below.

—Candace Young/Charlie Mason

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