The dismal mentality of self-defeating independence must be abandoned


In fact, Scotland’s road to independence is not elusive, and there is no magic formula to be found in the bowels of the Act of Union, which he sees as “the key to a such exit ”because he uses the word“ kingdom ”rather than“ state ”, whatever he means by that. He betrays his own lack of confidence by arguing that the case should be brought by “our best lawyers”. Well, good luck with that tender hope.

Why don’t we just stop staring at each other so needlessly? Disconcertingly, the idea that there is a legal obstacle to progress is only found among our nationalist brethren, desperate to find a way out of what they see as a restrictive net. They are encouraged in this fruitless exercise by the SNP’s blind adherence to the only path to independence over which London could well be vetoed, like it or not, and which is a referendum.

Scotland is now part of the Union not because of 1707, but because in 2014 the majority of its population democratically voted no. If we had voted differently, we would have been independent years ago. We must now resume the vote. It’s very simple. There are only two requirements: a leadership that will give us the vote (either by referendum or by election), and a Yes result.

We do not know whether London would attempt to prevent a referendum by taking Holyrood’s legislation to court, or whether such an attempt to block it would succeed. We know that London could and would do nothing to prevent Scottish independence if we voted for it in a general election under the proper manifesto. This has always been the path envisioned, both by London and by the Nationalists, and it still applies.

The UK constitution, though it matters, contains no provision to prevent Scotland from leaving, and no UK government will deviate from its repeated claim that the Union is voluntary and consensual. So if it turns out that a referendum cannot take place, it has no consequences, because the electoral path remains open.

By simply acknowledging this fact, the SNP would declutter all the talk and reinvigorate the movement. So far, they show no sign of doing so, having caught themselves between irrationality and insanity.

In his recent interview with Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp, Mike Russell contemptuously refused to face the question of what the Scottish government would do if London succeeded in blocking a referendum, stammering phrases like ‘not going to speculate – confident that we will have a referendum – we have a democratic right – the ball is in their court ”. Given our constitutional and legal position, in which the people of Scotland are NOT prevented from exercising their inalienable right to self-determination, such foolishness is not only stupid, but mad. It is terribly annoying for otherwise good and sane people who desire independence to constantly regurgitate cowardly nonsense that it is being prevented. If we do become independent, and the sooner the better, we can hope that our lamentable self-defeating characteristic is one of the first things to be let go.

Alain Crocket
Mother’s well

NOW it looks like the Prime Minister is headed by “100” backbenchers. But these cruel and corrupt tenants are very happy to cut pensions and stop the universal credit increase of £ 20 a week while lining the pockets of their party “donors”.

Meanwhile, the cost of living, gas and electricity is increasing like never before in modern times. Food banks and children living in poverty are at record levels. We in Scotland can do so much better than that.

Let us all work together in 2022 and make this beautiful country of ours free.

A New Years guide tae yin and aw!

Ken mccartney


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