Taapsee Pannu on body positivity and breaking traditional beauty standards


Taapsee Pannu never fails to amaze us with his performances, whether in Haseen Dillruba, Thappad Where Pink. In her last interview, the multi-hyphen opened up about Bollywood’s false beauty standards and how she struggled to “fit in” early in her career. The Rashmi rocket The actor also spoke about body positivity and has an inspiring message for young women.

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Not having “full lips” and “silky hair” is also beautiful

In an interview with Cosmopolitan IndiaTaapsee shared that she didn’t fit conventional parameters of beauty. Discussing her insecurities during the first few days, she said: “I didn’t have those big ‘doe eyes’; I didn’t have an elegant little nose… I had this big “royal nose”, as they say. I didn’t have full lips or straight, silky hair – you know, the kind of hair actresses turn around.

I had curly hair, and I remember noticing that none of the actresses on TV had hair that looked like mine. And so, while I was still in school, I visited a salon to get my hair chemically straightened – twice – using these terrible chemical treatments that were available back then. And it completely damaged my hair!

At first I was so frustrated that I had limp ends with curly locks growing on top, then I was horrified when my hair started to fall out (sic).

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Beauty is to love yourself

Expressing that she didn’t fit the conventional idea of ​​beauty, she said, “So yeah, I didn’t fit the conventional parameters of beauty. And for many years I tried to change and failed miserably. Until finally I realize that I need to live with – and love – what I have today, I understand how beautiful it is when you really love who you are. .

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Sharing her thoughts on body positivity, Taapsee said, “All I would say to young women is never to hate yourself. Because you have to live with yourself for the rest of your life. You might like some things about yourself, you might not like some things, but always remember that your alleged imperfections just might be what makes you stand out in a crowd. These are the things that could become your identity.

Using blemishes to your advantage is the way to go

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Taapsee has cited women like Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lawrence to advocate for unconventional beauty. Speaking of the women she finds inspiring, Taapsee added, “I think the most memorable women in the world, like Meryl Streep or Jennifer Lawrence, aren’t exactly ‘perfect’.

But there is something about them, including the way they behave, that makes them so beautiful. This is because they have accepted each other, and even use their imperfections to their advantage.

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