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Oconee County Elementary School Teacher of the Year Erin Carroll knew from an early age that she wanted to work with children.

Carroll grew up in a small town in Georgia where everyone was heading into farming or education. Carroll’s mother, father, brother, sister and grandparents were all teachers.

At first, Caroll took a different path. She got a job in publication relations at Children’s Healthcare in Atlanta after graduating from the University of Georgia.

“I worked with children [but] go to countless funerals and see the brutality [cancer] treatments, ”she said. “It was not sustainable.

In 2014, Carroll was hired to teach seventh grade at Woodland Middle School at East Point, which at the time was one of the most dangerous cities in the country.

“I knew what I was getting myself into and it was the best experience I would probably say I have ever had,” she said. “There, I learned that education is about more than just the content you provide to children. It’s really about relationships and taking care of children’s hearts and emotional states. ”

At Woodland Middle School, Carroll realized the impact she was having on children and fell in love with the profession.

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