Soap Hub Performer of the Week for Y&R: Susan Walters

Young and the Restless viewers know that Diane Jenkins did her fair share of dirty deeds before she “died.” However, now that she’s back, she’s apparently on the right track and ready to do whatever it takes to earn a place in her son Kyle Abbott’s life — even yelling at Ashland Locke. For her performance, Soap Hub Performer of the Week honors for Y&R went to Diane’s portrayer, Susan Walters.

Susan Walters – Y&R Performer of the Week

This week, Walters brought her an A game as Diane with several strong scenes. First came the moment between Diane and Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) at Crimson Lights. Nikki had nothing nice to say to her enemy, and Diane gave everything she got.

The actress used confident body language and a forceful line to get Diane to let Nikki know she wasn’t intimidated at all. As always, Diane continued to insist that her only reason for being in town was Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor), and Walters’ performance begins to convince us of Diane’s sincerity.

Then, at Chancellor Park, Susan Walters used stunning facial expressions and body language to express Diane’s conflicted feelings as she told Michael Baldwin (Christian Le Blanc) and the Newmans at Ashland Locke (Robert Newman) breaking the court order. banning Kyle from talking to Harrison Locke. (Kellen Enriquez). In the end, she threw Ashland under the bus, probably creating more goodwill for herself with Kyle and maybe even the Newmans, but it didn’t come without some inner turmoil, which Walters said. perfectly described without words. Well done for an excellent performance.

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