Should Jack give Phyllis Another Young and the Restless Chance?

On The Young and the Restless, Jack Abbott told Phyllis Summers that he still loved her…but they would never, ever get over her senseless behavior and self-destructive tendencies.

Young and the Restless Poll

But all Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) heard was that he still loved her. So she thought screaming about it would remind her how wonderful and not crazy she is. Should Jack (Peter Bergman) give this brilliant plan and the woman behind it a second chance?

Who’s sorry now Y&R?

Phyllis is sorry, 46% of you coax and coax – much like Phyllis – so why can’t Jack just get over himself and take her back as is? What if he’s tired of the drama? What if he’s tired of being used? What if the relationship didn’t work out for him? It’s about Phyllis’ happiness. She wants that. So he better let her have it. Before she really unleashes hysteria.

The other young and restless woman

Jack needs to make himself worthy of Phyllis, 37% of the audience insists, and that means kicking Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters) to the sidewalk. The fact that Diane exists, much less in Genoa City, much less near Jack, is what drives Phyllis over the edge. So until Jack makes her disappear, Phyllis will never take him back. No matter how many times she screams wanting.

Y&R deal breaker

As long as Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) wants his mother in his life, Jack will never get rid of Diane. And for 17% of fans, it’s a deciding factor. Jack isn’t good enough for Phyllis. If he doesn’t understand why she’s the best woman for him if he refuses to admit he’s miserable without her and would do anything to get her back why should she even glance haughtily in his direction?

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