Restless Road was shocked by their “Bachelor” invite

When up-and-coming country band Restless Road learned they would be performing on the hit show The single personthere was only one thing they could do.

“We almost got off the road,” admits Zach Beeken of Restless Road.

Taste of Country caught up with the trio ahead of their ABC appearance The single person Monday night (January 31, 8 p.m. ET), and they were more than eager to talk about it.

“We were driving our van to the next show and our publicist called us with the news,” Beeken said of the moment they learned they would be the show’s musical guest. We were screaming loudly. »

Their enthusiastic reaction — which they shared on Instagram — isn’t too surprising given that Beeken and his Restless Road bandmates Colton Pack and Garrett Nichols are big fans of the long-running dating series. And their families too.

“My grandma couldn’t believe it,” Beeken says of the big news with family and friends. “Nobody believed it. In my family, we always got together to watch The single person when we can. So they’re really excited to see us there.

Kane Brown, who signed Restless Road as the opening act for his label 1021 Entertainment in 2020, shared that excitement.

“Kane (Brown) was all about it,” adds Pack. Restless Road are currently on tour as part of the headlining Brown’s Blessed & Free. “I feel like as an artist, we’ve seen so many people that we look up to being on these shows and their songs are going to explode, just because they’re on the show. So yeah, Kane was equally excited for us, as he sees this as another incredible opportunity for us to perform in front of millions of people with our music.”

“The funny thing is, I think we can talk to (Brown’s wife) Katelyn about it, because I think she’s a really big fan of the show,” Nichols said.

The actual taping took place last October, with the country trio going straight from a show in Denver to an undisclosed location outside of Houston to film. They waited there in the shadows, anticipating a big moment between newly single Clayton Echard and his lucky date.

“We had to stay hidden because his date didn’t even know we were there,” says Beeken. “We didn’t sing until almost 1am. It was late at night.

Once they finally started their performance, the Restless Road men say it was hard not to notice the lovebirds right in front of them.

“Her date was super surprised, and they obviously kissed a lot,” Nichols reveals with a laugh. “We’ve gotten pretty good at playing, but playing while people are kissing in front of you… that’s a whole other thing. It’s hard to concentrate.

Despite the uncomfortable nature of the moment, Restless Road says they felt their song “Growing Old With You” ended up being the perfect song to play. The song was co-written by Jordan Reynolds, Jordan Minton and Charles Kelley of Lady A.

“I think when you hear that song people connect with it really well, because no matter where you are in your own relationship, you can relate to it,” Nichols says. “Either you want find this person or you have that person, and you want to tell them.”

As Restless Road prepares to kick off their first-ever headlining tour in April, there’s no doubt that “Growing Old With You” will find its way onto the setlist and continue to help the country trio achieve their goals. .

“We had two things that were high on our to-do list when we signed with Brown in 2020,” Beeken notes. “One was to play the Grand Ole Opry, and the other was to be the musical guest of The single person. And now we’ve done both. It’s the perfect way to start 2022 strong.”

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