PRO Unlimited Named “Market Leader” in Ardent Partners’ 2022 MSP Solution Advisor Report

BURLINGAME, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–PRO Unlimited, an integrated workforce management (IWM) platform provider, today announced that it has been named a “Market Leader” in the 2022 Managed Service Provider (MSP) Solution Advisor report by Ardent Partners. PRO has been rated against 10 MSPs and recognized for its innovation-driven, platform-based approach to contingent workforce management. According to Ardent Partners, PRO has one of the most mature solutions in workforce management technology and has redefined the way MSPs augment agile talent.

Ardent Partners’ MSP Solution Advisor report evaluated 11 MSP vendors and segmented them into the following categories: Market Leaders, Specialty Leaders, Vanguard Leaders, and Challengers. Ardent Partners used a rigorous, multi-modal research process to evaluate MSPs on a variety of criteria, including service sourcing, technology, direct sourcing, diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I), reporting and analysis, partnerships, vision of the future of work and more.

PRO ranked first among MSPs evaluated in the Solution Strength category, which considers factors such as core MSP offerings, strategic services including consulting and talent advisory services, proprietary technology stack, analytics and reporting. Additionally, the company scored highly in the Vendor Strength segment, which assesses overall service delivery, solution maturity, customer success and referrals, track record, and more.

“The ability to acquire a highly skilled unsalaried workforce has become a priority for managers. As such, organizations are relying on MSPs more than ever to strategically manage their contingent workforce, scale their programs, and achieve key organizational goals,” said Kevin Akeroyd, CEO of PRO Unlimited. “As one of the oldest and largest MSPs in the industry, we are honored to be recognized by Ardent Partners as a market leader. This speaks to our team’s unwavering commitment to providing integrated, flexible, and comprehensive solutions that enhance both the worker experience and the diverse contingent labor programs of our customers around the world.

Ardent Partners highlighted several of PRO’s differentiators based on its assessment, including:

Vision of integrated workforce management: An innovative and forward-looking vision of “integrated workforce management” that has the potential to revolutionize the contingent workforce technology industry

MSP Expertise: One of the most in-depth MSP program teams in the market with SMEs dedicated to operational excellence, analytics, technology, human capital, immigration, finance, accounting and pay

Total talent intelligence: A powerful and unparalleled “ocean of data” that permeates all workforce management and talent acquisition decisions for clients, augmenting skills intelligence and DE&I insights

Direct supply: One of the best direct sourcing offerings in the industry with end-to-end talent pool management, talent segmentation and integration of recruiting flows

Service Purchasing Maturity Model: A unique approach, effectively combining procure-to-pay automation, procurement advisory services (through a dedicated SME team), contract lifecycle functionality and an operational excellence framework that empowers clients improve their overall visibility, control and savings in managing the statement of work and categories of service purchases

“PRO Unlimited, through its aggressive market activity, commitment to innovation and preparation for the future of work, is a game changer,” said Christopher J. Dwyer, senior vice president of research at Ardent Partners. , managing director of Future of Work Exchange and author of the new report. “PRO’s unique ‘platform approach’ to the workforce management solutions industry demonstrates that the company is poised to revolutionize the way talent is engaged and managed, and ultimately how the work is done. »

According to Ardent Partners, MSPs have been the most widely adopted solution in the workforce solutions market for over 30 years. With the massive changes the field of enterprise workforce management has seen over the past decade, MSPs have had to evolve their core value propositions to stay ahead of the drastic changes in the world of talent and work. As a result, today’s MSPs are more agile than ever in their approach to helping customers develop deep direct sourcing programs and build an innovative bridge to the future of work.

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About Unlimited PRO

Serving hundreds of the world’s most recognized brands, PRO Unlimited offers modern workforce management and a partner ecosystem backed by data, software, insights and services to meet your flexible workforce. PRO’s integrated workforce management platform can quickly adapt to regional or industry economic changes and provides the speed, scale, flexibility, transparency and expertise to serve as a platform. – holistic shape for the modern workforce. Based in Burlingame, PRO has been helping global brands and organizations achieve operational and financial success for over 30 years.

About Ardent Partners

Ardent Partners is a research and consulting firm focused on defining and advancing the strategies, processes and technologies that drive optimal performance for corporate procurement and finance departments. Since 2010, Ardent Partners has been actively covering the procurement, fintech and workforce solutions market and producing research to help business decision makers understand the technology landscape and select the solutions best suited to their needs.

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