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Lori Seemann is the woman behind the scenes making things happen at Kelowna International Airport.

As an airport manager, she manages flight delays, changes and cancellations, icy routes, timetables, makes sure planes have a parking spot and organizes passenger and baggage processes.

“Most of the time there is something different that I will face. This strain is fantastic,” Seemann said.

Seemann begins his day by walking through the entire airport facility to identify issues that require his attention. As you can imagine, his job is demanding and stressful, but Seemann has a different perspective.

“I have the ability to make a difference and help people have a better day,” she said. Rather than dwelling on problems that constantly arise, Seemann is solution-based and positive.

She approaches every problem with a smile and confidence in her team that even if she can’t solve the problem, another member of her team can.

In many ways, Seemann is the face of Kelowna Airport.

Peak season in mid-December brings a storm of air travel issues coupled with a surge in travellers. Seemann was on the ground every day during the holiday chaos, helping passengers find their way.

She brings patience and understanding to every interaction and thrives under the pressure of constant problem solving.

Often the problems that arise are beyond his control. Problems in other cities may spill over to the Kelowna airport, but Seemann is nothing but positive and empathetic to his colleagues in the industry. Lost baggage from another airport causes distress when travelers arrive in Kelowna, but Seemann is solution-oriented and explains with a smile,

“I will be available in the best possible way to help my partners overcome any type of problems they encounter.”

She leaves people in a better mood than she found them, goes above and beyond to solve any problem, even if it’s not specified in her job description.

Seemann said she loves her job and her colleagues and is proud of the diversity of the industry.

“I want people to know that there is a place for everyone in the world of aviation airports. Any kind of interest you have can probably fit into this industry. It’s a fantastic world to work in,” she said.

According to Seemann, people from all walks of life are welcome in the aviation industry and, due to the unique work environment, there is something for everyone.

“Being with people and making a difference is something I really enjoy,” she said, and it seems Seemann has really found her sweet spot.

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