Plaid Cymru MS suggests “eminent” Labor figures could support independence


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South Wales Central Member Senedd Rhys ab Owen. Photo by Plaid Cymru.

A Cymru MS Plaid suggested that “prominent” Labor figures could support Wales’ independence.

Rhys ab Owen, Senedd member of the independence party for South Wales Central, has said this could happen once they realize Westminster is not moving towards a federal Britain.

He stressed that the Conservative Westminster government “was trying to reclaim power” from the Senedd, and argued that independence is the next “logical step” for Wales. He added that he could see the Labor Party “playing a role” in this.

Prime Minister Mark Drakeford has pleaded for a federal UK where more power is vested in Wales, but has been repeatedly pushed back by Boris Johnson’s government.

Drakeford also argued that it would be “absurd” to “exclude independence” in reference to a constitutional commission the Welsh government has set up to examine the future of Wales.

Rhys ab Owen told The Express: “You can see the tension there. With the Labor Party in Wales wanting more power and the Conservatives in Westminster certainly not going to give more power and are trying in reclaiming power.

“So you could foresee the strong possibility that some prominent people in the Labor Party would make that final leap then from a federal Britain, saying ‘well, actually, we can’t do that, we can’t do that, we can’t do that. is not possible due to various problems “.

“The logical step then is independence, so you can see the Labor Party playing a role in that in Wales.”


Rhys ab Owen also argued that Wales’ experience during the pandemic has strengthened the case for independence.

He said: “For example, when Wales entered a firewall [lockdown] two weeks before England in the fall of last year, the Westminster government refused to extend the leave at that time.

“When England entered a firewall a fortnight later, the leave was extended immediately.

“So you know they didn’t treat us well during the pandemic and rightly so, the pandemic stoked a lot of feelings.

“Compared to the way the Welsh government has managed it, it has managed it much better than the government at Westminster.

“Certainly that is the perception of many in Wales.

“Well I’m sure no one in England had heard of Mark Drakeford before COVID, he wasn’t that well known in Wales.

“But now some opinion polls show people know him more than Boris Johnson himself, this has never been true before in the history of decentralization in Wales.”

Rhys ab Owen said an independent Wales could be stronger economically, adding: “The grounds for me personally, I sincerely believe Wales would be a stronger country, I sincerely believe it would be better for the people of Wales if we were independent.

“Now a lot of people would point out that, you well know, ‘you are too poor to be independent’.

” I do not believe it. I think our economy may not be very strong, but a lot of that is because we are governed by Westminster.

“Wales is a footnote at best when it comes to Westminster stuff, we are largely forgotten, we are largely ignored.

“So I think the decisions made in Wales for the people of Wales would improve the lives of the people of Wales. “

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