Phyllis makes a decision about her relationship with Jack

Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) and Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) meet on The young and the restless? This is the question that preoccupies everyone as friendly exes spend more time together. The two are at a crossroads on their journey to reunion. However, the couple’s next decision will make or break their relationship.

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Phyllis Summers and Jack Abbott ‘the Young and the Restless’ agree on a fresh start

Phyllis and Jack’s two-decade love story makes him one of The young and the restless‘super couples. Despite their many challenges and separations, the two reunite. Recently, a Phack reunion is foreshadowed.

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Jack confessed that he was still in love with Phyllis, which stunned the redhead. Phyllis also has feelings for Jack, but is afraid to move. However, that is about to change. According to, Phyllis and Jack agree to start from scratch. So does this mean that the Phac reunion is a date?

Phyllis Summers’ doubts about Phack’s reunion

The young and the restless fans are excited about Phack’s potential reunion. However, there’s a good chance it won’t happen so soon. In the latest promo, Phyllis admits that Jack’s confession affected her. Later, during a conversation with Amanda Sinclair (Mishael Morgan), she said that she was worried about hurting Jack again.

Most of Phack’s breakups stem from Phyllis’ betrayal. Phyllis’ affair with Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) and the pregnancy of Summer Newman (Hunter King) broke Jack’s heart. Years later, Jack was on the verge of yet another betrayal when Phyllis cheated on him with her younger brother Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson).

Despite the heartache he endured with Phyllis and Jack never stopped loving each other. The two maintained a friendship after their many breakups. They are well placed right now, but are they willing to risk it for another chance to love?

Nick Newman ends Phack reunion

All signs point to a Phack reunion, but there is one person who may be disrupting it. This person is Phyllis’ other ex-husband, Nick. Recently, Phyllis and Nick ended their relationship, but the door remains open for a possible reunion.

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Phyllis was adamant she was done with their relationship. However, Nick may not be ready to give up. Upcoming spoilers say that Phyllis and Nick are going to rehash their latest drama. So it seems once again that Phyllis will be caught between two men. But will it be Jack or Nick who will win her heart?

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