Photo: The youngest children of Vincent Irizarry’s Young & Restless have all grown up


It might as well have been captioned “They’re growing so fast”.

“When in Charleston,” applauded Young and restless alum Vincent Irizarry (ex-David) on October 3, “do what the Charlestonians do!” In other words, go to a local restaurant. He wasn’t alone either.

“Great night out with my two young children,” he added, sharing a lovely photo with the “youngsters,” who are now 24 and 19, respectively. (Mom is the actor’s second wife, Avalon House.) Find out here.

In fact, the soap vet, who played another dastardly David on All my children – Hayward, as you well know – recently posted quite a few pictures of her in-laws on Instagram. On National Girls’ Day, he dropped a series of snaps with Aria and her big sister Siena, whose mother is his first wife and former Santa barbara grande dame, Celeste DiNapoli at her Scott Clark. (Look here.)

“My life has been enriched immeasurably and irreversibly”, he wrote, “with the greatest joy from the moment I held my beautiful daughters in my arms, and in the pride of knowing the wonderful women of substance and character that they have become. “

On the day of the son, Irizarry, who started playing Lujack on his soap opera Guiding light, also shared photos of her boys, Elias and Ash Harris. (Take a look here.) They are, in his opinion, “exceptional young people, both with a heart, a desire and a willingness to serve others, whether here at home or in the world.” whole, ”he wrote. “I couldn’t be prouder, or more blessed, with the men they have become.”

If all those photos of Irizarry and his kids over the years have left you in the mood for more, check out the photo gallery below, which is packed with images of several of your favorites and their actual offspring. .

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